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There’s nowhere left to fall… A throne he doesn’t want. A rockstar he can’t have. Life isn’t as perfect as it might seem for a Royal. A crown gives Erik power, but it takes away his choices. And he wants to choose her. Life with Casey could be everything. But they’re from two different worlds. And his kingdom needs him. Thanks to his conniving cousin, they’re on the brink of civil war, and Erik is the only man who can stop him. He has a duty. But he also has a heart… one that beats for Casey. How does he choose between the woman he loves and the people depending on him?

Ava: I’ve been in love with my best friend’s older brother for years. Unrequited and very much a secret, I’ve been content only to share my feelings in the letters I wrote him. For five years, Carter served overseas, and I poured my affection and concern into unsent notes I foolishly hid in his family’s mountain cabin. The very place where Carter plans to stay once he returns stateside. I need to find the letters before anyone else, especially before the man who holds my heart discovers my secret. Carter: I never imagined that when I retired from the military, I’d have to do it like this. Scarred and broken and unfit for the beautiful things in this world. Which is exactly what I find in my family’s old cabin, in the form of my sister’s tempting best friend, Ava. Suddenly, we’re snowed in together, and I’m struggling to remember why I’m supposed to keep my hands to myself. I’m too damaged to deserve Ava’s sunshine, but she’s got me hoping for a Christmas miracle.

I’m trapped in a remote cabin with a bossy Army Ranger. As a runaway bride, I desired solitude and space when I booked a remote mountain cabin. However, a double booking and a freak storm stuck me with a dominant, brooding Army Ranger. When the power goes out, and snow blocks the roads, self-reliant Jack Young easily impresses me with his survival skills. I tingle as I breathe in his masculine energy. As I lean on his training and expertise, I feel a powerful attraction to this tough-on-the-outside, marshmallow-on-the-inside guy. I yearned to touch him, run my hands over his hardened muscles, and comfort his sad heart. But this sweet elation will end when the roads open. Now that I have tasted his forbidden fruit, how can I live without him? I have already fallen in love.

I wake up in a hospital bed and the first thing I see? This drop-dead gorgeous, tattooed billionaire and single dad, Logan Fraiser. He found me unconscious on the side of the road and has no clue who I am. Neither do I. My memory? Completely gone. Logan’s not just easy on the eyes, though. Watching him with his daughter, I feel this instant sense of safety. But it’s complicated. Here I am, swooning over his chiseled body and those kissable lips. Trying to keep it strictly PG because hello, I might have a past, a family, or—who knows. Just when I’m getting cozy in my little amnesia bubble my memory comes knocking. Turns out, I didn’t just wander off and hit my head. I was kidnapped and running from my captors. Now, by sticking around, I am putting Logan and his adorable little girl in danger. My instinct tells me to run, but my heart is not having it. Then Logan, being the absolute hero, swears he’ll keep me safe, no matter what. Now, I’m torn between wanting to bolt to keep them safe or staying with the guy who’s become my savior.

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