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As a small-town security consultant, I didn’t expect to be caught in a web of corruption and family drama. When my wealthy client asks me to monitor his wayward younger daughter, I quickly find myself in uncharted waters. Meeting the older sister, I find myself mesmerized. Meeting the kid sister, I am appalled. Victoria Stirling is a goddess on earth—a stunning green-eyed blonde, totally competent and family-oriented. Isabel is a devil in denial—a sulky teenager dealing drugs and drowning in defiance. At first, Victoria helps me track Isabel’s supplier. When she spends the night at my treehouse, things become more complicated. As tensions rise, so does our steam. When Isabel is kidnapped, dark family secrets start to come to light. So, how do I tell Victoria that her baby sister is no good? Can our fledgling affair survive the brutal truth?

One reckless night with a billionaire single dad took my virginity. Now, he’s back as the enemy in my small town. And I’m hiding his baby. I’m the top PhD archeology student at Yale. Nothing can stop me from getting my mom’s treasure: the Golden Crown. Not even Jacob Rose, or so I thought. He’s a walking contradiction. A billionaire who commands obedience and a single dad with a soft spot for his son. Also my enemy, fighting for the treasure we’d both die for. Yet his infuriatingly sexy smirk and soft whispers in my ears is testing my limits. Oh God, his abs. His tongue. His length. I want him to eat me up. Once we’re out of the bedroom, reality snaps. I have to protect my mother’s legacy. And Jake isn’t giving in either. Now, I’m carrying a secret as precious as the Golden Crown itself—our baby.

Get sucked into the world of Braxton Hunte, from the mid-90s when he’s a wild young rock star through to today and raising a wayward family:

  • Out Of The Red – start the series with rocker Brax getting whipped into shape by a new tour accountant
  • Out Of The Shadow – son King meets more than his match on a realty TV show set
  • Out Of The Gold – daughter Melody sews up the lead actor in this superhero movie filmed on the Amalfi Coast
  • Out Of The Blue – an unexpected rockstar is added to the Hunte family
  • Out Of The Void – bonus novella about Brax’s BFF only available in this box set!


Be prepared to cheer for Brax and the second generation of Huntes in this angsty, sexy romance collection. HEAs guaranteed, but like life, they don’t come easy!

He’s the Alpha I can’t resist—a dangerous Silver fox Mafia Boss wrapped in seductive allure. Adrian, who had put me in several positions within minutes one night, making me melt like ice under his touch, now stands before me as the parent of my most challenging student. With his chiseled body and deep blue eyes I sat in disbelief, thighs clenched at the meeting. This grumpy single dad, who won’t take no for an answer, contracts me to be Sophia’s private tutor at his home. His dominance extends when he also contracts me to a fake marriage to protect his secrets and daughter. First, my abduction by his rival reveals a dark truth about my own father’s Mafia past. Also, what I didn’t know was that this vendetta went back generations. Despite this, all I can think about is Adrian’s touch and the fire it ignites within me. In his presence I’ve found intoxicating love that it feels like coming home. Yearning for a ticket out of the brutal Mafia life, he’s desperate to carve out a new existence. But will these Mafiosi’s allow it? I hope he can break free from Mafia life because what he doesn’t know is that I am pregnant with this baby.

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