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I swore I’d never go back to Maple Creek again — not after Dawson broke my heart right before we graduated high school. Seven years later, I’m back in my hometown and the one who broke me is the first person I see. Dawson Travis looks every bit attractive as he always was, but with a lot more muscle than I’m used to. I should be over these feelings. He shouldn’t be making my walls crumble around my fragile heart. But, he is, and the only thing I can think of is to distance myself. Except that’s not as easy as one would think. He’s always there, trying to get under my skin in the best way. What starts out as a way to pass my limited time in town, turns into something else entirely. My heart is on the line. And this time I won’t allow it to be broken.

Violet Chase has always been off limits. The girl I wanted…but could never have. In my teens, her father warned me to keep my hands to myself. Boys like me, don’t get girls like her. His family saved me, and I owed them. Her brothers, my best friends, made it clear where I stood – below them. We had one stolen moment of passion, then I ran. That was fourteen years ago, and I’ve regretted it ever since. Now, she’s back in London, but life for both us is very different. Her past decade has been filled with lies – that she thought were true. The last place she ever expected to return to was here, begging her family for help. As my career blossoms, my world darkens. Whether being a lawyer for a mafia don was a wise move remains to be seen. A booming bank account is accompanied by an ever-increasing target on my back. External pressures pull in all directions while my heart knows what it wants. It always has. Violet. The question is, can we navigate the challenges to be together? Or once again, will we both run?

When I left the love of my life under the cover of darkness, I had no idea I would have to return in the same way. Shrouded in secrecy and hidden from the world, I hoped to find safety, solace, and a second chance. What I found instead was more than I expected. I never stopped loving Patrick Kent, not even after being whisked away in the middle of the night with barely more than a goodbye. After returning home to find the family palace bombed, our country in chaos, and my betrothed waiting for me, I didn’t think I would ever see him again. Yet, I prayed every day that I would. Nine years and an assassination attempt later, I’m forced to flee my homeland in search of the one person who I trust to protect me and my son. When I find him, it’s with a wedding band on his finger and a smile on his face, and yet I have a ring on my left hand, too. But the one thing I’ve learned from playing politics is that nothing is ever as it seems. Only a Shining Knight can rescue me from an evil queen who wants the throne, a rival king who wants more power, and the hired hitmen after me for a debt that’s not mine. He tucks me safely away on his family farm—where truths are revealed, forgiveness is possible, and the promise of redemption is within arm’s reach. It’s not the place anyone would expect to find a princess, but then again, my life is not a fairytale.

What a shock. My one-night stand turns out to be my new bodyguard. Finding that Peter, my long-time boyfriend, was a lousy cheat, sent me fuming to a club to blow off steam. When I saw a handsome stranger sitting alone, he looked like the perfect distraction. He took the hints as fast as I handed them out. I’m not proud of our steamy night together but it’s a night I will never forget. Before he awakened the next morning, I was gone. The next day I was told that our family has been receiving vicious threats so daddy hired a bodyguard for me. In comes Justin, my one-night stand. He is as dominant as they come, but loyal and devoted. As I test his limits, it gets harder to distance him from my heart. I thought that Daddy’s concern for my safety was ridiculous…until I was kidnapped.

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