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Devereaux Huxley has a problem his billions can’t fix…me. He’s the owner of Club Greed, an adult club that caters to the fantasies of the rich and powerful, Devereaux’s the prime suspect when the girls employed at his club start turning up dead. The Greedy Girls. Elegant, poised, and desired by all. And now I’m going undercover to become one. He calls me Swan. He doesn’t know my real name, but that’s how I like it. If he knew the real Chloe, I’d be in more danger than I am now. I might be in over my head, but I won’t let the dazzling whiskey-colored eyes and seductive charm of the mysterious owner make me fail at my first case as a detective. I’m determined to be the best darn Greedy Girl the small town of Saint Pierce has ever seen. And not get myself murdered in the process. I’ll just need to keep my wits about me and keep the devilishly handsome and possible murderer Devereaux Huxley at bay. Which is easier said than done. He tempts me. He desires me. He pushes me to try new things. Naughty things. Things an undercover detective shouldn’t even be imagining. But I am imagining them…with him. When the lines between reality and fantasy blur, it’ll make me question everything I’ve ever known. I’ll need to keep myself out of danger long enough to uncover what’s really going on, but when secrets threaten to crush us, and I end up in his bed, the real danger begins. 

He’s a hot billionaire art collector with a manner and physique that no woman could resist. I am the art student who just smashed my mom’s hatchback clunker into his pristine Model X Tesla. He takes and dominates me in an unimaginable night of passion that is magical. But just as the goddess of love had brought us together, fate would intervene to tear us apart. I’ve poured my heart into the opening night for my new exhibit, and he’s here with all apologies. But the painful separation and the walls between us are high. Will true love be denied? Or will fate remedy what it has wrought?

Don’t sleep with your best friend. When my best friend asked me to be his fake girlfriend in order to pursue custody of his daughter, I didn’t hesitate to help out. Living together, sharing his bed, and waking up in his arms, quickly rekindle the long-forgotten childhood crush I once had on him. Only, Harrison isn’t a child anymore, and neither am I. I can’t ignore his charm, the way I feel in his arms, or how amazing he is with his daughter. The attraction is undeniable and so are the feelings that are growing faster than I can acknowledge them. We pretend to be the perfect family to keep up appearances. Town festivals, family gatherings, and mundane every day tasks take on a whole new meaning. I remind myself daily that our relationship isn’t real, until he proposes with his grandmother’s ring. Harrison is determined to prove to me that the fairy-tales are real, but I know from experience happy ever afters don’t exist. How long before this happy ever after falls apart and I’m left searching for my glass slipper?

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