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He’s been burned by commitment. She can’t seem to find the one. Will the Colorado mountains be their matchmaker? Cam Blue can’t wait to spend the summer in solitude. After a grueling hockey season, all the sought-after defenseman wants is to retreat to his new ranch and unwind. But when heavy rains strand the guarded man with an attractive neighbor, he feels his frosty heart start to crack. Terra White worries something is wrong with her. Used to guys who never commit, she’s frustrated when the hunky sports star stays determined to keep his distance despite their bond. And after their time together ends and both return home, she expects never to see him again. As Cam struggles to date and move past his painful failed marriage, he remembers the ease of his new friendship and reaches out. And though their platonic relationship blossoms through text and late-night calls, Terra fears she’ll never be enough for Cam to cross the line over to love. Will they put passion on ice, or can they skirt their defenses to find a happily ever after? 

My best friend’s brother ghosted me after I confessed my feelings. Now he’s back and this time, he wants to marry me… Movie star Bryce Alston is a gorgeous, grumpy, misunderstood bad boy. His brooding gaze masks a rugged charm, constantly making my heart race. I thought I’d moved on after he broke my heart. But now he’s back like nothing happened, becoming my next-door neighbor and my boss. As if dodging his smoldering gazes isn’t hard enough, he announces that we’re getting married when the media sharks are chasing after him. I still can’t say no to him. Pretending to love my childhood crush is easy, as long as I guard my heart. But the way his arm gently brushes mine sends tingles down my spine. I survived losing him once before. I can’t do it another time. But when his lips claim mine, I’m not sure who is falling…

Maddison: Growing up in small-town Iowa, I was the good girl, always doing the right thing, never straying into temptation. Living on the family farm and engaged to my high school sweetheart—the perfect life for the perfect farmer’s daughter. Until my wedding day when my fiancé left me at the altar with only a note saying I was too safe, too dull. That he wanted more out of life than our boring existence, his act of defiance was the push I desperately needed to take a walk on the Wildside. One year later and I’m living in New Orleans. Working at the hottest bar on Bourbon Street, “Sweet Cocktails.” Serving my signature cocktail, “The Cucumber Martini.” It’s a tribute to all the single ladies looking for a “real cucumber” for the night. As wild as I swore I would be when I left my hometown, the only wild thing I have done is get a tattoo. So, when those two tall drinks of water came strolling into the bar, I found myself ordering a cucumber martini but make mine a double. Little did I know they were the owners of the latest Sweet Cocktails franchise in Minneapolis. In town to train at our location for the next three weeks. And you will never guess who has been assigned to be their trainer. Not one to mix business with pleasure because deep down inside, I’m still that good Midwestern girl I was raised to be, but how am I supposed to ignore the way my body reacts to working side by side by side with my one-night stands? 

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