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It’s bound to be a fantastic weekend in Seaside, Oregon with my closest friends. Not only are we staying at the adorable Sandy Shore Inn, we’re also excited to attend the Seaside Festival’s Book Signing Event. After all, we librarians love our books… Which also brings us to the local bookstore, Booked at the Beach. I’m immediately attracted to the cozy little shop… and to the hot, sexy man working behind the counter. When Garrick shows up at the book signing’s VIP dinner and is seated at the same table, I feel a rush of excitement. We quickly discover we have more in common than just a love for books. Things between Garrick and me progress quickly, but is it too good to be true? After all, he lives in Oregon and I live several hours away in Port Townsend. How can we make this work? Then, he lets me in on his little secret…

40-something Ellen revels in her single life, unburdened by the constraints of a committed relationship. But when an unexpected drunk message arrives from her high school ex-boyfriend, a cascade of old emotions and insecurities resurfaces. In a spontaneous bid to conquer her midlife crisis, she jets off to Maui alongside her best friend. Picture this: lush Hawaiian scenery, good vibes, and Ellen caught between a steamy rendezvous with a hot groundskeeper and unexpected love with a vacationing heartthrob. Get ready for a wild ride as Ellen dives into the Hawaiian heat, flipping the script on her life and discovering if paradise has more to offer than just a tan. Will it be a tropical fling or a love story hotter than the Maui sun?

My billionaire boss’s proposition: a fake marriage for a fortune. But my heart was never part of the deal. A passionate one-night stand with a sexy silver fox stranger distracted me from life’s worries. Memories of his chiseled muscles, his deep kisses, his big…I’m getting distracted again! Imagine my surprise when he turns out to be the billionaire CEO at my new job. If that’s not weird enough, he proposes that I become his fake wife so he can inherit his grandfather’s company. Normally, I’d laugh and flip him off. But, my sister has abnormally high medical bills that are no laughing matter. Public displays of affection for the tabloids stir up hidden desires, blurring the line between make-believe and reality. Among secrets and speculations, will this business deal end with a broken contract or a broken heart?

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