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Chef Lauren Riley has one philosophy—never depend on anyone. A loner and a perfectionist, she’s on Anchor Island to turn Pilar’s into the best restaurant in the Outer Banks, not to make friends. But despite her cold demeanor, the locals refuse to take the hint, and she soon learns the meaning of a found family. Nick Stamatis did his time in fancy kitchens but his laid-back life as head cook of Dempsey’s Bar & Grill, the most popular eatery on Anchor island, suits him just fine. Despite his playboy reputation, he’s a family man at heart. But if family history repeats, he isn’t likely to live long enough to have one of his own. When Nick sticks his nose into Lauren’s business, she tells him exactly where to go, but it isn’t long before the realization dawns—she needs his help. As he teaches her the ropes of running her own kitchen, sparks ignite, and soon they’re stirring up more than either expected. Can two people who have sworn off love really make it work? Or will Lauren’s past, and Nick’s unknown future, keep this cautious couple from finding their happily ever after? 

The red-eye flight was my escape until he sat next to me. Our one night together was insatiable. I’m convinced it only happened because I was going down the deep end that day and he came perfectly wrapped; attractive, an amazing listener and most importantly available. Of course, I left him soon as reality came knocking in the form of a catty girlfriend. Life just has a way of knocking me down, because my one-night stand resulted in a pregnancy, OMG! Fine, I keep the pregnancy and live my life. I even got engaged. Until he shows up on my doorstep, demanding his child. I offer to co-parent but he wants me too. This is our second chance he said… What should I tell my fiancé?

Look but don’t touch… From the night she showed up at my bar with a fake ID, I kicked her out. On her birthday, the following week, she showed up again. Except this time, she was demanding a job. Willing to do whatever it took to get it. Against my better judgment, she got her, but I’m not going to make it easy on her. Neither are the guys at my bar. I have two choices: Pretend she’s mine to protect her. Or deal with the consequences when her five older, overprotective brothers find out what their little sister is up to. Either way… It’s going to be hell on me. Because I can’t stay away from her.

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