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I refuse to be used. I refuse to marry the guy who’s cheating on me. And I refuse to fall for the billionaire who just walked into my life. Okay… that last one might be a problem. Just a few days ago, I was on a very long bus ride in a hideous, extremely poofy wedding dress, with no phone and almost no money, headed to the furthest place I could get to, all the while not sure if I was crying from fear or joy, maybe both. Now I’m in Nowhere Colorado, working for my room and board, next to one of the most panty-melting men I’ve ever seen. But I’ve just left one cocky, gets-whatever-he-wants, man. I don’t need another one telling me what to do, even if it’s how to paint a house. And still, somehow, Caleb has already seen me in nothing but my underwear. Damn, this clean mountain air, and sparkling rivers with picturesque swimming holes. My feelings are just as confused as before but for different reasons. I could lov… really like this guy. But I know one day, my mega-controlling parents and ex-fiancé will find me. And they will ruin anyone who gets in their way.

All it took was one look for Cole O’Hara to know that Lorna Dunigan was meant to be his. He loved his job as the offensive coordinator for the New York Nighthawks, but that didn’t stop him from risking it all by threatening one of his players to stay away from the younger beauty in a nightclub. Lorna was immediately swept off her feet by the sexy football coach, but she had no idea what he’d done the night they met. Or how much being with him would change her life.

I’ve never been with a man, but now I’m a mom and a fake wife. When my sister died, she left me her twin toddlers. Right away I noticed the ominous presence stalking us. Uncovering their father’s fate led me to the shocking truth—he was the notorious head of the Machelli crime empire and there’s a bounty on the kid’s heads. Now we’re forced into hiding with a hulking mafia guardian, masquerading as a picture-perfect family. Jaime’s proximity stirs unfamiliar desires. He’s a patient protector; teaching me, guarding me….making me his own. I know this is just a job for him, but my heart is telling me otherwise. As the relentless bounty hunter draws near, Jaime must leave to go on the offensive. I promise to stay put and wait for his return, but I can’t keep that promise. I’ve never had this much to lose, and I’m ready to fight for our fate.

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