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A Kidnapped College Student. While studying abroad, I was drugged, kidnapped, and imprisoned… in a Hong Kong brothel. After several failed attempts to escape, I know my time is running out. My innocence is about to be sold to the highest bidder. A Billionaire CEO. My plan was to meet an investor at the upscale brothel and immediately return to Boston. That was until I uncovered Lily. I recognized her instantly, but she had no memory of me. Now I only have one night to claim her and rescue her from her captors. Will one night be enough for him to win her trust, to rescue her?

She’s a hot mess, he’s a billionaire in need of a nanny… I’m working in yet another dead-end job when Mr. Handsome himself offers me a position as his live-in nanny. His mansion is luxurious and elegant, and I’m way out of my comfort zone. He only has one rule: Don’t. Make. A. Sound. Which is kind of hard for a girl who loves to sing. And when he takes that rule into the bedroom, it might just be my undoing.

At the moment tyrannical King Aegron the Cruel was assassinated, each of his children was struck by a different dark curse. Five years later, the Dark Kingdom is struggling to survive. A hereditary curse has afflicted the Daesar Imperial family for generations and Princess Xadi will do whatever it takes to save her sister from dark magic. Even join forces, temporarily, with the unacknowledged royal son of a rival kingdom. With an unnatural fire burning in his eyes and demon madness invading his mind, Raneir has a curse of his own that he’ll risk anything to break. They both know the fragile truce will end the moment they find the ancient magic relic hidden within the Citadel. Because only one curse can be broken. But working together draws Xadi closer to Raneir than she ever imagined. And when their search leads them to a very real demon, more than one life is on the line.

A cold hearted alien… scorching hot chemistry… and a fated mate bond too strong to be denied! There’s nothing left in Raze. No love, no hate, nothing except the duty that he owes his people. But when he meets a fascinating and tough human woman on a barren planet something deep inside comes back to life and for the first time in years he yearns for more. When a mission for the Sol Intelligence Agency gets out of hand, Sierra will need to use every skill she has and work with a mysterious alien warrior who awakens an unquenchable desire within her. He’s cold and forbidding, but when he looks at her there’s a fire in his eyes that opens up a whole world of possibilities. The chemistry between Raze and Sierra is too hot to ignore, even if it should be impossible for a mate bond to form between them. But if Raze’s emotions fully return before he claims his denya, he might end up dead for good. There is no fighting destiny, especially for a doomed Detyen, and Raze already cheated fate once. To be with Sierra he’ll have to do it again, or neither of them will make it out alive. 

According to town gossip, I’m a grumpy mountain man. They are right. What I am not is a beach Barbie babysitter. Yet, that is exactly what is going to happen. After 10 years as an Army Ranger, all I want is the peace I find in my mountain cabin. Winter is approaching. I’m looking forward to long hours of reading in front of the fire. What I am not expecting. My best friend asking me to safeguard the woman who means the world to him. All winter long. She is gorgeous. Fashionable. Way too bubbly. AND… from the city. There are so many reasons why this woman is off-limits. Yet, I can’t stop thinking about her. I won’t lose my heart to the only woman who has ever made me want more. She is heartbreak wrapped in a dark red bow. I don’t believe in happily ever afters. Do I?

It was a stupid, spur of the moment idea. Who makes a bet to go downtown on their best friend? …..apparently me. I never thought she’d take the bet. This is the closest friend I’ve ever had and now I’ve ruined it. She’s so easy to be around with none of that relationship BS we both can’t stand. And now all I can think about is that night. The stakes are higher for me than I want to admit. Omission isn’t a lie, right? I haven’t told her exactly the truth about who I am, but maybe it won’t matter.

Iyana Young, a gifted pastry chef, catches the eye of billionaire Luca Bixio, the mesmerizing Don of the Bixio crime family. Drawn to each other by an irresistible force, Iyana and Luca embark on a risky affair that tests the boundaries between their extraordinary worlds.

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