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Trapped in a tiny office with my gorgeous boss… Is there such a thing as a St. Patrick’s Day miracle? Noah Byrne is older, breathtakingly elegant, and drop dead sexy. I’ve never been able to glance at him without quivering and feeling my inner thighs tighten. Yet here we are, locked in his office until morning with nothing but a couch and two small glasses of tequila. It’s not the booze that’s about to impair my judgment, it’s him. All six foot three of his uptight businessman glory. Should I worry about what will happen to my job and the future, or just make the most of this wild, lust fueled situation? Is one incredible night worth probably ending my career here? Unbuttoning his shirt reveals three discoveries. His unbelievable muscles. His wicked tattoos. And the fact that everything is about to change between us forever. 

Silas Lapp is a respected citizen of Weaver’s Creek, but his shyness and worse yet, his stutter, has kept him from truly feeling like a member of his community. If Silas felt confident enough to court anyone, it would surely be Ada Kempf – but could such a bright spirit ever be interested in someone so silent and withdrawn? Ada Kempf is more than a little intrigued by Silas Lapp, her most unusual neighbor. The man who transformed a failed farm into thriving fields of lavender seems so kind and strong. But Ada knows she’s far from a perfect quiet, serene Amish bride: she’s sunny-tempered and happy, but sometimes whimsical, not to mention impatient and too quick to act. Surely Silas would only court a more settled, serious woman. Everything will change when a barn raising ends in disaster. Silas is the hero of the hour when he saves a life at the cost of breaking his own leg. He’ll need help until he’s back on his feet. Thankfully, the Amish of Weaver’s Creek take care of their own. With Ada and her brother visiting Silas to care for his house and farm, it’s the perfect chance for Ada and Silas to finally get to know each other more deeply…but will either of them find the courage to take the next step? 

Who’s the knockout new hire in my PR firm? Oh damn… It’s that luscious lay from three years ago! Look, I don’t do one-nights. But something about Alicia had me breaking every one of my rules. Our steamy hookup checked all the boxes. Sure, she wanted something more. But not me. So when she left, I never saw her again. Thing is, I could never shake her, or that night, from my mind. Now, though, I’m her boss. And memories of her near-nude body have me standing at attention. But she has a kid. Wait… he’s my kid! And in an instant, family life starts to look good. Except office gossip and a rival’s revenge can be a bitch – For partnerships and love. But losing this second chance is not an option for me. And I’ll do anything to keep what’s mine.

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