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I don’t date baseball players. It’s basically my only rule. With a father who played the game, I know more than I need to about baseball players. They’re usually players in more than one sense and after one mistake, they definitely aren’t for me. When my dad offers up Knox to me as his punishment, I wonder who he’s really punishing. But Knox is willing to do what I need him to if it means getting back in the good graces of his manager. Don’t fall for a baseball player. Yet, here I am not listening to myself. It’s a mistake. I know this going into it yet… I can’t stay away.

Keir: The time has come to claim his mate. It’s been a decade since the witch ran from their first meeting, ensuring that they both slowly spiral into a madness that has but one cure—mate or pay the consequences. And then there’s the matter of his mission with his five brothers, and a Duke of Hell determined to keep them from succeeding. A day doesn’t go by that Keir doesn’t curse The Fates that tied him to a woman who wants nothing to do with him. Not even the abilities he inherited from his parents, making him more than man, more than wolf, but not quite god or a monster: nothing will give him relief until she accepts their destiny. Rhia: My life. My rules. And they don’t include the grumpy wolf-shifter who claims the fate of the world rests on us getting busy—for life. Misunderstood her entire life, Rhia left her mother’s coven to use her magic on her own terms. Plagued by visions since running from the shifter who claimed he was her mate, a mysterious group is now after her and the good-luck potion she created. Convinced she doesn’t need anyone, least of all the sinfully tempting Keir Smythe who thinks she needs rescuing, she now has a life altering decision to make—her potion, her life or the mate she can’t keep her thoughts, or her hands, off of. 

A collection of five new exclusive novellas by your favorite historical romance authors all featuring Peers and Parasols. They say… Parasols are to protect one from the sun but for five Peers… the fashionable accessory won’t save them from the rays of love. Grab your copy of Peers and Parasols today and fall into the fantastic titles below:

  • Kissed By A Scoundrel by Anna St. Claire
  • Poisons, Potions, ad Parasols by Aubrey Wynne
  • Her Fair Lady by Catherine Stein
  • Swindled by a Spinster by Rachel Ann Smith
  • The Seduction of Miss Standish by Laura Temple
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