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She’s his sweetest desire…and his darkest secret. A tantalizing forbidden romance between a broken Prince Charming and a disgraced Cinderella. The task was simple. Sneak into Potomac’s most heavily guarded manor. Steal back my pendant. Slip out. Problem number one? America’s most unattainable bachelor caught me. Problem number two? He decided to keep me. As the help. Zachary Sun’s winter may be the coldest I’ve ever felt, but he makes my skin burn. Reserved, calculated, and savagely cruel, he thrives on the weaknesses of others. Little does he know, he just met his match. He may be American royalty. But this peasant will rise to become Queen.

Wild Heart Mountain is heating up when an ex-military hero meets his match with a young curvy volunteer firefighter. Since being discharged from the military I’ve lost my purpose in life, until I find Erika… She’s feisty, curvy, and strong. When we get stuck in a cabin together for the night, I’ll show her that I might be a retired Special Forces captain, but I still know how to command…

I had hoped to attend my high school reunion with a fancy job and a polished man on my arm, every bit the success my hometown had predicted me to be. But plans never go as, well, planned. Also unplanned was running into a hot, prickly mechanic on my first day back in Sapphire Creek. Austin Kyle sure knows how to work a flannel shirt. Based on the way the brooding man argues with me over an apple pie, it’s safe to say he doesn’t like me. Call it the former homecoming queen in me, but I need the veiny-forearmed grump to like me. I have a week to change his mind before I return home to the city. Before I know it, Austin’s occupying all my thoughts. I’m singing karaoke, bringing him coffees at his garage, and doing anything else I can think of to win him over. And it works—a little too well. One moment we’re arguing over who’s more stubborn, and the next, we’re crawling into his truck bed, a tangled mess of eager hands and bruising kisses. It’s not long before Austin’s charming his way into my heart, but this thing between us is only temporary. From the start, he’s warned me we wouldn’t have a storybook ending. Maybe I should’ve listened.

A collection of short stories. Ten indie authors writing a range of genres have come together to bring you an eclectic mix of short stories, each one featuring a red-headed beauty. Whether you are a fan of boy-next-door love, romantic suspense or mystical beings, there is a tale for you between these pages. There are stories with darker themes and stories with happy endings; there is excitement and innocence, and a whole lot of tension. Delve inside and discover the different personalities of this scarlet lady.

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