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Two strangers save a life on a plane and then share one tender Singapore night en route from London to Sydney. Dr Ailee Green knows a relationship is not an option before she gives the gift that will save her brother’s life. But surgeon, Fergus McVicker has other plans, plans that don’t include Ailee walking out of his and his daughter’s world and he offers her something she’s always wanted. Can these two special renal surgeons find a life together?

Barbarian. Beast. Werewolf? In the space of twenty-four hours, my picture-perfect life has shattered to pieces. A cheating fiancé, a public break-up, and getting fired from my job are the trifecta of humiliation. I need a break—desperately. I’ve come to Midnight Falls licking my wounds, determined to mend my broken heart. But fate has other plans. I’ve been here all of five minutes when tall, dark, mysterious, and sexy comes stomping into my life–literally. Sutton Hargrave is the beginning of the end for me. An alpha with a predatory nature designed to push me away. But when the moon is full the pull between us is undeniable. Bewitched by our connection, I don’t realize I’m in too deep until it’s too late to escape.

An upbeat tale of first love getting a second chance that will leave you rooting for a happily ever after. Claire never forgot about her schoolgirl kiss with Alex, so when he returns to their small beach town and tries to stop her client’s wedding she’s ready to convince him true love is real.

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