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Keir: The time has come to claim his mate. It’s been a decade since the witch ran from their first meeting, ensuring that they both slowly spiral into a madness that has but one cure—mate or pay the consequences. And then there’s the matter of his mission with his five brothers, and a Duke of Hell determined to keep them from succeeding. A day doesn’t go by that Keir doesn’t curse The Fates that tied him to a woman who wants nothing to do with him. Not even the abilities he inherited from his parents, making him more than man, more than wolf, but not quite god or a monster: nothing will give him relief until she accepts their destiny. Rhia: My life. My rules. And they don’t include the grumpy wolf-shifter who claims the fate of the world rests on us getting busy—for life. Misunderstood her entire life, Rhia left her mother’s coven to use her magic on her own terms. Plagued by visions since running from the shifter who claimed he was her mate, a mysterious group is now after her and the good-luck potion she created. Convinced she doesn’t need anyone, least of all the sinfully tempting Keir Smythe who thinks she needs rescuing, she now has a life altering decision to make—her potion, her life or the mate she can’t keep her thoughts, or her hands, off of. 

All it took was one look for Cole O’Hara to know that Lorna Dunigan was meant to be his. He loved his job as the offensive coordinator for the New York Nighthawks, but that didn’t stop him from risking it all by threatening one of his players to stay away from the younger beauty in a nightclub. Lorna was immediately swept off her feet by the sexy football coach, but she had no idea what he’d done the night they met. Or how much being with him would change her life.

When Carrie Webber applies for the job of a live-in nanny to a three-year-old little girl, Charlotte, she didn’t imagine the father to be a tall, dark and handsome, mean and moody man that made her heart miss a beat and her skin tingle and burn when they touched, but that is exactly what he is. When Gabriel Caldwell decides to appoint a nanny, nothing could have prepared him for Carrie Webber. He wasn’t sure she was the right candidate for the job. She seemed young, came across as nervous, flaky and lacking in focus. He was even less sure of her suitability as he sat opposite her imagining what she looked like naked. By the end of the interview he had decided he would thank her for her time, cover her expenses and put as much distance between them as possible. That had been the plan, right up until the point where he introduced her to his mother as Charlotte’s nanny. Maybe it would be okay. Or maybe it wouldn’t, judging by the crackle in the air between them and the burn he felt when he touched her.

From the time I was a young kid, I wanted out of this small town. I wanted more. So, I worked hard and I did it. I got the biggest opportunity of my life as an NFL quarterback. As a first round draft pick, I was top of my game. Then I blew it. Now I’m back home wishing for another way out, another chance to be great. Something is missing. Football is all I’ve known, so that must be it, right? When my best friends sister returns to town, and I enlist her in getting back into footballs good graces, she stirs something inside me that I haven’t felt in years. Turns out I did find what I was missing, exactly where I was told not to look for it. Will I still be able to leave or will she convince me my next biggest win is right here at home?

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