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Torn between two lovers on a pretty but deadly island, London King must survive the ravages of the wilderness and a battle for her heart. My first day at New Ocean Prep was supposed to be a fresh start. A chance to return to my hometown—leaving my ruined life behind me. My goal is simple. Keep my grades up, my head down, and focus on securing my spot in a top journalism program. My past catches up with me as I’m drawn towards the two hottest hockey players in school. A trip to a national hockey tournament in Alaska has me investigating the truth behind what happened to a girl they tormented and killed two summers earlier. This story has more layers than I imagined. The deeper I enter their world, the stronger our bonds become until I can’t tell whose side I’m really on.

I just found out I’m carrying my boss’s baby. To start a new life for myself and my little girl, I left my hometown with a broken heart. I promised to work hard to take good care of myself and my daughter. But little did I know my boss would be him. Kane Simmon. A grumpy billionaire and my ex’s older brother. He is totally off-limits, but we can’t keep our eyes off each other. One heated argument turns into a kiss, and the next thing I know, I’m pinned to his desk in his office. I deny it as a one-time fling, but I know it’s a lie. Especially now that I’m pregnant with his baby…

What’s worse than being a twenty-three-year-old who still has her v-card in a s3x club? How about mistaking the city’s most notorious mob boss for a Pleasure Dom. Belle: The only excitement I get in my life is through my job as a trauma nurse at the city’s biggest burn center. Otherwise, my nights are spent reading spicy romance novels and eating leftover takeout food right from the styrofoam containers. That’s probably why I let my best friend talk me into going to the hottest new club in town to experience what I’ve only read about in my romance novels. Good thing I made a list of everything I wanted to have done to me and what I wanted to do to him, because the moment our eyes meet the only thought left in my head was how much I want this powerful man. Dom: I don’t have time for relationships, and I certainly don’t have time to entertain my cousin’s foolish ideas, but as usual I indulge him by agreeing to listen to his investment proposal. The idea of being a co-owner of a s3x club turns my stomach until I see her. A blonde-haired angel in pink hiding in the shadows of the club. When she mistakes me for a Pleasure Dom, I should have done the gentlemanly thing and corrected her. Good thing I have never been accused of being a gentleman.

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