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He says he’s too old and broken to give me more than his name. I’m going there anyway… Wish me luck? Betsy: Christmas is a time for miracles, right? Like convincing my stubborn husband in name only that we are meant to be more. That I’m not too young, and he’s definitely not too damaged. I finished college as fast as I could to get to this point, but… it’s not looking good. The last thing I want is for Heath to force feelings he doesn’t have, even if that leaves me completely alone in the world. I love him too much to trap him like that. But when I manage to rile him up enough to kiss me… swoon! Heath: Betsy says she has no idea how to seduce a man, but she’s a born natural as far as I can see. But I’m not sure I can endure watching her try to hide her disgust if she catches sight of my scars. The truth I don’t want to acknowledge is I’m not really capable of denying Betsy anything. I might try to push her away for her own good. But in the end, if I’m what makes her happy, then me she shall have. She’ll regret it before the week is out and we can get back to normal, right?

The Bayou Devils MC will bring you to your knees! The men of the Bayou Devils MC live by a code of loyalty and justice, working tirelessly to fight for those who cannot defend themselves. These bikers may look like outlaws to many but to the women and children they save from domestic violence, they are heroes. They are stubborn, arrogant, bossy as hell, and once they set their sights on a woman, they won’t stop until they claim her as their own. Not that the women in their lives ever make it easy for them. Through love, loss and blood, they have forged a family of their own but their work comes with risks and doing what is right will cost them more than they ever expected. This box set contains the first four books in the Bayou Devils MC series: Hopelessly Devoted, Addicted To Love, Every Breath You Take, and It Ends Tonight.

Five years ago I had a one-night stand. Now he is staring at my daughter wondering why she has his eyes. It was the night of my 21st birthday with the man I thought I’d never see again. It turns out the Universe has a bad sense of humor. He is now my new boss. Gorgeous, grumpy, billionaire. He is completely off limits, but we can’t stop making eye contact, bringing us back to the mind blowing night we shared together. My baby girl and feelings for him are supposed to be secrets. Until, my daughter meets him by accident and he sees himself in her. Now my secret is out and he has a decision to make. I can’t lose my job and he can’t lose his reputation. Will he shatter my heart or will he become the daddy my daughter deserves?

Florence Middleton is on the run. Her tyrannical Uncle plans to marry her to a cruel Lord against her wishes. With no other hope in sight, she finds herself at Duke Christian’s Castle, seeking his refuge, while she awaits a fateful letter… Duke Christian is in pain. After losing his ex-fiance in a tragic accident, not only has he sworn to never love again, but he has decided to abandon his fate to the Spanish war. But when the innocent wallflower Florence ends up at his doorstep, he knows he can’t reject her… But as his affections begin to grow for Florence, Christian finds himself at a crossroads. And soon, he is faced with a decision… Can he put his past behind him in time, or will his hand be forced, as he loses her forever?

He’s a billionaire boss with persistent alpha charm and a perfect blend of danger and passion. A client romance is a dangerous game, teetering on the edge of something exhilarating and forbidden. As a single mom with a business to run, I should keep my distance. Still, Jamie’s protective nature pulls me in, as desire simmers beneath the surface. Then on a summer night, his stolen kiss, a breathless embrace and I succumb to it all. The intensity under his hands scorches every fiber of my body. In the morning, I gather my strength to draw a line that puts work first. Yet, it’s the quiet moments, the sight of Jamie and my son forming a bond, that pull at my heart. I confront my deepest fears and make choices to balance love and ambition. Will this lead to a happily ever after or another road to rejection? Only time will tell…

Back in her quaint hometown, Rose Parker finds herself at odds with a ruggedly handsome, tattooed, and oh-so-charming flower farmer. When her father’s will forces her to work alongside the infuriating Gray Roberts to settle her father’s estate and pay off a hefty tax debt, Rose is determined to keep things strictly professional despite the sizzling tension between them. But as they work together to revive the family’s once-beloved flower shop, Rose can’t help but be drawn to Gray’s carefree spirit and heart-melting smile. Gray can’t resist the challenge of breaking through Rose’s icy exterior and proving to her that opposites truly do attract. With the fate of the flower shop and her family’s financial future on the line, Rose must guard her heart against Gray’s undeniable charm. But as their attraction grows stronger by the day, will she be able to resist the lure of a hometown happily ever after?

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