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What breaks you can also make you strong… A fateful encounter puts Kenna O’Loughlin in the path of the powerful and rich Grant family. Drawn in by the love and acceptance of patriarch Charles Grant, she finally begins to put the pain of a traumatic childhood behind her. Foul-mouthed and mischievous, she brings life and laughter into the normally staid family. Nicholas Grant, the scion of the Grant empire, hates Kenna on sight. This mysterious woman has wormed her way into his family and he will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means seducing the enemy. Love. Family. Betrayal. What makes you strong can also break you… Battle lines are drawn as Kenna fights for the family she has always wanted, and Nicholas sets out to prove that Kenna isn’t whom she says she is. But what happens when the person you have vowed to hate, draws you to the love of a lifetime?

All I wanted to do was relax after being in battle. I didn’t realize I had time-traveled to an ancient enchanted forest, complete with a sexy Princess. A real-life damsel in distress. A sexy, HOT damsel, who is the picture of pure innocence. She’d lost her memory. I had to help her. My Angel instinct was to leave innocence alone and not defile that purity. But my libido was overcoming my willpower. I need to possess her. Magical beings in the forest don’t want us to succeed. They work with the witch who cast a spell on her. As our two worlds collide we must work together to overcome the witch’s spell If we don’t, Earth as we know it…will die. And, I will have lost the love of my life.

He’s a world famous professional quarterback in his breakout rookie season, in need of a distraction from his crazy life before playing on the biggest stage of his life, the Super Bowl. She’s the identical twin sister of a world famous Pop Princess, secretly filling in for her twin for a few days while her sister recovers from a bout of pneumonia. Their words collide in a whirlwind romance until he discovers her deceit, ending their relationship. Five months later, their worlds collide again in the most unlikely of places. Can he win her back, or will this sexy quarterback end up playing second string to her new love interest?

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