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Light in the Dark: When Alex moves to Moon Harbor, she never expected to run into the boy who broke her heart as a teen. Sam is all grown up now—and determined to get her back. But just as sparks reignite between them, old family secrets start to unravel, and danger lurks where they least expect it.

Light Me Up: Sara and Theo are always at each other’s throats. That is, until the day they let their bodies do the talking. But when Sara unwittingly gets more attention than she bargained for, ghosts from her past come out to play, putting everyone in danger. And as a fierce storm threatens the town, Theo and Sara’s chemistry isn’t the only thing igniting…

Into the Light: Ellie has loved her brother’s best friend for years, but Raf has kept her at arm’s length…until now. Just as their friendship finally gives way to all-consuming desire, Raf’s troubled past rears its ugly head and threatens everything. 

My days are filled with battling blazes, saving lives, and trying not to dwell on my failed relationship from years ago. Everything changes when Amanda Turner walks back into my life, claiming we need to work together to restore the old B&B. To my dismay, she’s just as vibrant and captivating as I remember. I find myself playing along with this unexpected partnership. When the town’s busybody arranges for us to organize the annual festival, it forces us to work even closer together. In the middle of a renovation filled with bickering, shared dreams, and unintentional moments. Her sunny disposition melts my guarded heart. I don’t deserve another shot. But when danger ignites, my firefighter instincts kick in. This time, I’ll do whatever it takes to protect Amanda. And prove I’m not that foolish boy who once pushed love away.

My best friend warned me to stay away, and I tried… But when she crashes my wedding and offers herself as the bride? All bets are off. The plan was simple: Marry and divorce in six months. She gets her niece, and I get my company. But I didn’t plan on Stella driving me to the brink of insanity. Every teasing smirk makes my palms itch, and her defiant submission leaves me rock-hard and throbbing. Living with her re-ignites something inside me. Something that I thought was long dead. And suddenly, I want to break all my rules and tear through her defenses; To make her mine in every sense of the word. Until in a cruel twist of fate, our pasts collide: a painful night from seven years ago. The discovery threatens everything we’ve built, compelling me to give up all I have in exchange for the one thing I now can’t afford to lose: My wife.

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