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In the sprawling wilderness of Colorado, I lead my pack of brothers as CEO of Grizzly Guardians, a renowned security firm safeguarding clients nationwide. My work is everything … until fate intervenes in the form of Mila—the silver-haired, blue-eyed goddess with secrets as deep as the forests I roam. From the moment we meet, our inexplicable connection transcends mere attraction. Mila speaks to my inner beast and unleashes my protective instincts. As our bond deepens, I discover Mila holds the key to my heart as my fated mate. Yet, her enigmatic past threatens everything and throws her headlong into danger. When secrets unravel, I know it will take all my skills and the full force of my fiercely protective bear to keep Mila safe. Can I protect my mate and preserve our future from the forces conspiring against us?

Never piss off a witch. Sidney: When fighting over the same woman leads to insulting a powerful witch, I find myself stuck with my three brothers permanently. After centuries without a cure, our magical resources are nearly as exhausted as our patience. When a witch from a powerful bloodline moves into the apartment complex, we call in the family debt to gain her assistance. When we’re all drawn to her, I start to worry that history may repeat itself. Ora: Inheriting my aunt’s floral shop in Destiny Falls freed me from a life of mediocracy and misunderstandings. Able to be my witchy self in a town for paranormals, I pack up my car and set concrete boundaries with my overbearing family. The three vampires looking for a cure from a nasty hex is a surprise that tests my skills and my heart.

Meet Abbie, cubicle dweller by day, blogger by night. Acting as her online diary, the blog features a no-holds-barred, true life, gritty account of her sometimes funny, sometimes painful, often dirty love life. Oh, and she doesn’t always change the names to protect the innocent. After a date with coworker, Toby, she has a new reason to hate Mondays. When the post goes viral, Toby seeks revenge and enlists the help of his buddy Parker to do it. Both guys soon realize when she isn’t bad-mouthing men, she’s pretty likable, maybe even lovable, which really puts a crimp in Toby’s revenge plot. As if her life life and work life colliding aren’t challenging enough, Abbie has a crazy roommate with a vacuuming obsession, a serious problem with alcohol resulting in BUI: blogging under the influence, and a broken heart. All may be fair in love and war, but what happens next will rock the internet and her world.

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