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I never thought I’d see my billionaire one-night stand again, Until I moved next door to him. It was supposed to be one “no-strings-attached” night. No names, no feelings. He’s the kind of man who commands – A top surgeon. But with the emotional finesse of an alpha-hole. He pulled me in only to push me away. I should’ve kept my distance, but fate laughed. Making Dr. Grumpy my new neighbor. Turns out the man behind the frown is a single dad. Whose son can melt the coldest of hearts. Now he finds any excuse to knock on my door. And I can’t resist letting him into my house and in my bed. I know he’s in it for the thrill. But what happens when he finds out I’m pregnant.

First my brother dies, then I get abducted by a loan shark, and he’s a steaming hot mafia boss – this has been the most insane week of my life, so far… I didn’t know being held against my will could be so…hot. But this ruthless Don is such a silver fox. My brother’s dead, but the letters demanding his debt payments keep coming. I refuse to pay anyone else’s debt. When Ciro snatched me from my job, he could have killed me or forced me to pay, but he made me his housekeeper instead. Now I’m locked in this room, and I should hate him. I should. And yet… He’s always brooding, watching me. I stare boldly back, not betraying the wave of heat inside me. I give as good as I get and feel myself becoming a match for him in every way. Danger lurks from the threat of my brother’s killer, as Ciro’s attitude changes from abductor to protector, but he won’t let me go. We secretly marry as a shield from the storm that’s brewing, completely putting my safety is in his hands.

They called me the town’s wild child – the tempting bad boy no parent wanted their daughter within ten feet of. Trading street smarts for a badge, I came home ready to face the demons of my past. But discovering my old flame is a single mom to an eight-year-old boy, a mirror image of me was a sucker punch I never saw coming. She was the nerdy girl next door whose innocence I couldn’t resist claiming. Our forbidden nights left us with more than fiery memories – a defiant mini-me she kept secret, thinking it for the best. I’d left town believing I was nothing, abandoning the temptress who saw beyond my rough exterior – the man I’d become. Seeing her again is like those years apart never happened. She’s still the living, breathing version of every fantasy I have ever had. When the risks of my job bring danger too close to home, it’ll push us to the edge, testing everything we’re trying to rebuild. One wrong move and the dangers I’m paid to eliminate could destroy my second chance to claim the family I never knew I craved.

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