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My rockstar ex is back in town after 10 years, and he has no idea he’s my baby daddy. There he is, strutting through the grocery store, looking infuriatingly hot with his bad-boy rockstar swagger. He’s staring me down with those soulful blue eyes. One look brings it all crashing back. The love, the passion, and the pain. Ten years ago, Nash broke my heart when he dumped me to go to L.A. Now he thinks he can waltz back into my life. I don’t care how famous he is. That damaged alpha charm may work on his fans, but it won’t work on me. But damn, he looks hotter than ever. Hard body. Edgy tattoos. Rock Star strut. I thought I was over him, but now I’m not so sure. I’m not the naive girl he left behind, and I need to consider my son. That secret was easier to keep at a distance. Now that he’s back, Nash will definitely see himself in my son’s eyes. My heart’s on the line, and so is my son’s future. Will Nash step up and be the father our son deserves? Or will he choose his career and shatter my heart again?

Alice fell in love with Jack the day she moved into her freshman dorm. Problem is, she’s been stuck in the friend zone ever since. After another meaningless breakup, she’s ready to confess her feelings to Jack. Jack has mistaken friendship for love once before and has vowed never to do it again. A varsity sports player, he’s determined to enjoy college with no strings attached. Peter is Jack’s best wingman. He enjoys his popularity as team captain and when he meets Alice, he’s ready to steal her heart. When Jack sees Alice and Peter together, jealousy hits him hard. But will he break his vow to never date a friend?

A forbidden wartime romance begins just as German planes fill the skies over London in 1940. When Maisie Beckett steps into her brother’s struggling London hobby shop during wartime, she’s confronted with two harsh realities: the looming threat of a Nazi invasion and the shop’s dire financial situation. Determined to prove herself to her parents and keep the shop afloat, Maisie moonlights as a pinup photographer, covertly boosting the shop’s earnings. In the midst of London’s nightly bombings, Maisie finds herself irresistibly drawn to the shop’s co-owner, Cal Woodbury, captivated by his quick wit and bashful smile—and his mysterious secret. But Cal made a promise to his best friend and business partner, Roy—a promise that he would never pursue a romantic relationship with Maisie, Roy’s sweet and beautiful sister. As the German bombs rain down upon London, and as Cal’s bond with Maisie deepens, he discovers that some promises are impossible to keep. When Roy deserts the Navy and unexpectedly appears at Cal’s doorstep, Cal is forced to choose between his loyal friend and the woman he’s falling for. While London goes to war around them, Maisie and Cal face their own battle—finding their courage and recognizing their worth.

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