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A billionaire CEO with an unruly daughter. A damaged ballerina who is penniless and nearly homeless. The tantalizing, unbeatable offer he makes to her to be his nanny. There are some problems that all my money can’t solve. I’m the CEO of my company, the man in charge of a thousand different projects. And yet no matter how many billions I earn, I can’t make my petulant daughter behave. When I meet beautiful, graceful former ballerina Ella, she’s put forward as a solution to my problem. She says she’s about to be homeless and she’s good with kids. Because she needs a job immediately, she’ll work for cheap. The trouble is, once I bring her to live at my remote estate, I can’t stop thinking about how much I would like to make her moan. For the first time since I left my ex, I’m tempted by someone new. Not only am I so much older than Ella, but she’s my daughter’s nanny. She is strictly off limits and forbidden. And because of my job and family, I am under near-constant public scrutiny. I’m a billionaire single dad. She’s a young woman with nowhere to go. We have no future together. But there is something about Ella that I just can’t walk away from. I want her in the worst kind of way. Just a taste… that’ll be enough. Right?

In a town too small for secrets, he’s back. My heart’s biggest mistake. And now my greatest temptation. Liam was my first love, the one who promised me forever—then left. Now he’s back, fixing up his late father’s house. I know once he finishes what he came here to do, he’ll disappear again. But I can’t resist him—the fire in his eyes drawing me straight into his arms. Despite a messy divorce, I’m keeping it together for my little girl. Only neither one of us can afford another heartbreak. When a storm destroys my kitchen—and my livelihood—Liam takes us in. It feels like we finally got the family we always wanted, until his secret threatens to destroy everything. Can we rebuild what we had, or has he broken my trust for the last time?

Asking my best friend’s sister to play my wife was a strategic business move. But the sparks that ignite between us are anything but fake. As a single dad and CEO, I’m solely focused on my daughter and work. To seal a business deal, I propose a marriage of convenience to my nanny. Claire reluctantly agrees to keep up the charade. To my surprise, she plays the part a little too well. Her sassy charm peels away at my tough exterior. Our pretend relationship opens my eyes to what I’ve been missing. Just as the façade feels real, a call threatens to unravel everything. Now I must confront my true feelings and find the courage to love again before I lose her forever.

My brother’s best friend. The rugged lumberjack. The sinful temptation I never knew I craved. A decade ago, Jack barely registered on my teenage radar. Now, with my high school reunion looming and transportation plans gone awry, he’s my unexpected knight, driving a truck that rumbles as deeply as his voice. But Jack looks different. The muscles beneath his shirt now hint at raw power and those intense eyes? They promise things that make my heart race. As fate would have it, we find ourselves stranded. Alone. Yet, the chilly night is no match for the blazing tension between us. Every stolen touch and heated look speaks of forbidden desires. And when he tells me he’s always had a thing for me? I want it to be true, even if I can barely believe it. This is risky. We’re both afraid of my brother’s reaction, and neither of us wants to take a step bigger than we should. Do we dare fan the flames, or will we get burned beyond recognition?

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