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Yorkshire Dales, August 1913. American heiress India, Lady Kilnsey, enjoys the very comfortable life of an English peeress in her husband’s ancestral castle. She is deeply in love with her earl, and he adores her. Her inherited fortune provides a life that is elegant, happy, and peaceful, but ominous clouds are gathering across the Channel. The clang of rattling sabers can be heard throughout Europe. In a few short months, their lives are altered forever. Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated, and the world explodes in war bringing previously unimaginable changes to castle life and in India herself. With her husband amongst the first to volunteer, India is left to shoulder unexpected responsibilities, to deal with dangerous men, and to search desperately for something precious that is lost.

One Princess, three sexy protectors, one king that wants to end their lives forever. Being hidden in the mortal world has been Lyla’s life. She’d come to terms with it long ago. Xavier and Milo have been by her side, training her to take her place as queen someday. They are sworn to protect her. At least she thought they were only there to protect her. When her attraction suddenly ignites for both men, she doesn’t know what to think. Even more surprising is when she feels the same burning desire for Liam, the prince of Unseelie. Could she really feel the same for all three men? When the Seelie court is attacked and the queen is in danger, Lyla can’t stay hidden anymore. Teaming up with her men to save the queen is her only chance. Even if it means revealing herself to those who want her dead.

She returned to England to put him in his place—not to put herself in his bed. Alec Douglas, Duke of Lionwraith, a war hero betrayed on the home front while he was away at battle, trusts no one and prefers his solitude. But when his sister begs for help because she is ruined, he vows to make the man responsible pay. When the vile rakehell proves impossible to find, Alec isn’t swayed. He can just as easily destroy his enemy with a subtler attack. The Marquess of Ardsmere’s business provides the best wines and rarest imports to the finest houses in all the realm—but by the time Alec is finished, West Belgium International will cease to exist. But the despicable marquess can’t be the ruination of Alec’s sister, because the man does not exist. However, Lady Francis, better known as Frannie and sometimes as the Marchioness of Ardsmere, is quite real. Born in Belgium after a terrible accident killed her father, Frannie was introduced to the world as the family’s ward rather than an Ardsmere daughter, and a fake Ardsmere son was fabricated for her to marry to keep the wealth, lands, and privileges of the title away from a heartless cousin. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

On paper, they look like the perfect match. A handsome protective doctor, a curvy and sassy pastry shop manager. But… The path to love in the biggest small town in Idaho is never boring, filled with plenty of interfering friends, plus family members with opinions. So many opinions. In the latest novella in the Tangling series, Kiersten Stafford finally gets her shot at happily ever after in this steamy romance. The fact that it’s with the off-limits, Dr. Jackson Monroe, aka Dr. McSteamy, is something she’s trying to accept. Their one night together produces two of the biggest surprises of her life…first, one night wasn’t enough and the second fulfills a wish she thought she’d have to go through alone. But why’d it have to be him? Because the Universe has a wicked sense of humor and oh, those piercing grey-blue eyes, and expert hands that know just where to…oh my…curl-my-toes-scorching-hot…I may need his brand of daily resuscitation that leaves me asking myself…Why not him? Welcome to Pineville, Idaho where love always finds a way.

He agreed to be my fake boyfriend just for show and no strings attached. All I wanted was to enjoy a sunny vacation and get away from my ex. Colliding with a gorgeous man in Vegas was a perfect beginning. Dominic St. James, a notorious playboy, wealthy resort owner, and the man who is turning my world upside down. Claiming a fake boyfriend seemed like a good way to avoid my ex’s messages. But when my ex won’t stop harassing me, my boyfriend decides to give him something to be jealous about. I didn’t know my phone was on speaker when I screamed out Dominic’s name. I know he is craving me, and the way he’s looking at me tells me exactly what he’s promising. But love is not his scene. Falling for him was never part of the plan. Except my heart can’t pretend anymore.

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