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Brody Anderson and Star Corrigan made all the superlatives in their high school yearbook, right down to being voted the Most Romantic Couple. But life happened, tragedy struck, and they drifted apart. No, it’s actually worse than that. He allowed his pride to push her away. Now that he’s back on his feet after the accident and his ranch is finally turning a profit, Brody can’t get Star out of his mind. More than anything, he wants her back. It won’t be easy convincing her to date him again, especially while running the new bed-and-breakfast on his ranch. Not to mention how much of his time his newfound cousin, Crew, is demanding these days after a few brushes with the law. Nor is he overly thrilled about Crew’s former prison buddy who’s been hanging around and the trouble he brings. But it’s more than a matter of finding the perfect time and opportunity to romance Star. Will she ever be able to trust him again? Can he convince her he has what it takes to fight for their relationship this time around? Can he prove he’s capable of loving her the way she’s never stopped hoping and dreaming of being loved someday?

Hi, I’m Sarah and my life is a mess. I lost my online job and my rent just doubled… Luckily, just when I was at my lowest point, a strange messenger came to my apartment. He had an envelope that contained my Grandmother’s last will and testament. Only…I had forgotten all about her. How was that possible? I was about to find out. When a mysterious door appeared in my living room, I walked through it…and found myself in the world of Hidden Hollow–a snug New England town where it’s inexplicably always Autumn. A magic bubble surrounds the town, making sure that no one without magic talent can come in. But where does that leave me? I don’t have any magic…do I? Surprise—it turns out I’m descended from a long line of witches. At least, that’s what the scary Orc who chased me through the backyard of my new house told me after he calmed down. Also there’s a curse on my family and apparently I’m the one who’s supposed to break it—but how? Who knows what Hidden Hollow holds for me? And should I be getting so close to the Orc next door? Are humans and Orcs compatible that way? I’d better find out quick because trouble is brewing and I’m going to need a man—or an Orc—to stand by my side when the storm breaks. Because in Hidden Hollow…anything is possible.

She’s political royalty. He’s the underdog in a heated race for senator. Will one night of passion change their lives forever? Lila Hudson was born to privilege. She has all the luxuries a famous name and her family’s money can buy. The problem is that when you’re Senator Hudson’s daughter, that’s all that matters to anyone. You’re just a famous name, not a real person… Grant Hudson is striving to make a name for himself in the political arena, but a chance encounter with Lila changes everything. An unexpected scandal shatters their carefully crafted public images. Lila will do anything to save her family’s reputation. Grant will do anything to salvage his political aspirations. A marriage of convenience seems to be the only answer…

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