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I vowed to stay away from my brother’s grumpy best friend… Now he wants to marry me. Billionaire basketball star Trevor Kranes is my former childhood crush-turned-boss. He always got me with his deep ocean-blue eyes, chiseled jawline, and that breathtaking smug grin. I thought his smile was real until he coldly rejected me a few years ago. But now he needs a wife to clean up his playboy image. If I marry him, he’ll help advance my career. I’ll only do it under one condition: No feelings allowed. And yeah… don’t tell my brother. Ignoring my feelings for this bossy jerk should be easy, But his protective arms feel too warm, and his tender touches feel too soft. Until his lips on mine send shivers down my spine, Now I’m not sure if he’s still pretending…

My daughter’s first day of school is full of surprises. Especially when her new teacher turns out to be my high school sweetheart, the one that got away. When I joined the army sixteen years ago, Harper walked away. Now I’m back, and my only priorities are rebuilding Hickory Falls and raising my little girl. Being a single dad doesn’t mean I’m the lonely lumberjack everyone says I am. But seeing my best friend’s sister for the first time in years has me wanting more. The hurt of past betrayals feels too great to overcome. Giving our love a second chance would mean trusting Harper with my heart, and my daughter’s. Do I risk it all for a potential lifetime with the only woman I have ever loved, or guard our hearts and lose her forever?

Damon: I made my nightclub the hottest spot in Chicago all on my own. But since a scandal rocked the club’s reputation, I’ve found myself crawling back to my father for help. His expectations are clear – I have to find a wife, fast. When I meet a green-eyed spitfire working as one of my waitresses, I know I’ve found the right woman. Now I just need to tame her. Dana: With my stalker closing in, I need to make enough money to get out of Chicago. But even though I’m working myself ragged, it’s taking forever to save anything with my waitressing job. My boss makes me a crazy offer: pretend to be his fiancée and walk away with enough cash to start over. This is a business arrangement, nothing more. I won’t let myself be tamed.

According to town gossip, I’m a grumpy mountain man. They are right. What I am not is a beach Barbie babysitter. Yet, that is exactly what is going to happen. After 10 years as an Army Ranger, all I want is the peace I find in my mountain cabin. Winter is approaching. I’m looking forward to long hours of reading in front of the fire. What I am not expecting. My best friend asking me to safeguard the woman who means the world to him. All winter long. She is gorgeous. Fashionable. Way too bubbly. AND… from the city. There are so many reasons why this woman is off-limits. Yet, I can’t stop thinking about her. I won’t lose my heart to the only woman who has ever made me want more. She is heartbreak wrapped in a dark red bow. I don’t believe in happily ever afters. Do I?

I had a one-night stand with Natalie, a girl who’s half my age. Now I must protect her at all costs. In this small town, I keep running into her accidentally, at first. I’m on a case and cannot get involved… but will break all my rules to save her. Each time we meet, we fall into each other’s arms. Our chemistry ignites, flames erupting beneath the sheets, and I find myself falling for her like molten lava. The taste of her lips on mine is to die for. She confides in me, revealing a chilling truth: her controlling ex is out to find her and keep her for himself. She’s told me why she’s so scared, but I’m afraid to tell her my truth. What she doesn’t know is that I was hired by her ex to find her.

Billionaire Game with the Firefighter She’s a blaze in a world of ice and I’m a billionaire playing with fire. The fearless firefighter and I clash like sparks. My family pressures me to settle down. I plan a fake relationship. But the flames between us grow hotter and a passionate kiss changes everything. Just when I think I’ve got it all under control, the past returns, threatening everything. I’ll risk it all for her, even if it means facing the firestorm that follows.

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