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My new job as Social Director on the cruise ship the Auriga has rules: #1 Don’t sleep with the passengers. Oops! #2 The passenger’s needs come first. Okay! Mr. Salt and Pepper is just too tempting. Flashing blue eyes, a body by God, he’s grumpy and HOT! He sweeps me off my feet and the next thing I know we are running for our lives. The exclusive cruise for billionaires promised unique adventures in tropical waters. What wasn’t on the itinerary was PIRATES! Driven together by danger, can our feelings survive the harsh light of reality?

Forbidden Valentine includes 19 stories featuring protective alphas, sassy heroines, forbidden romance, spicy scenes, and sweet HEAs. Go ahead and curl up by the fire with a few new book boyfriends and indulge in your sweetest yet filthiest fantasies. This anthology includes stories by: Claire Wilder, Destiny Fox, Cameron Hart, Dee Ellis, Cassie Mint, Shaw Hart, Sylvie Haas, Kya Lane, Simone J Maxwell, Ava Becker, Tina Gallagher, Luna Wilder, Cat Santos, Skye Alder, Serenity Raine, Klara J Ryder, Chloe Mckenzie, Annee Jones, and NS Johnson.

I can’t imagine anything worse than running into my hot hockey star ex in Italy. Until a one-night-stand ups the ante with a + pregnancy test. I expected to never see Benton Jeffries again after our messy split. A decade passes before I lay eyes on him again at a friend’s destination wedding. He sure knows how to knock a puck in the hole. Those piercing blue eyes and chiseled jaw should be a hooking penalty. With all willpower officially gone I let him in my hotel room after a day in Sorrento. My walls come down along with my panties. As the sun rises, reality creeps in. I get up and book the first flight out of there. It’s a no-go with his pro hockey career in Canada, and my life in Atlanta. But somethings gotta give when I get two pink little lines.

I moved next door to a single dad that needed a nanny. I went to Willowbrook to take a breather from city life. I embraced the small-town charm by baking and sharing cookies with neighbors to introduce myself. I met the most adorable little girl, and gave her some cookies. Next thing, a hottie is pounding down my door, warning me to stay away from his daughter. Ethan, a gorgeous widower and single dad, has my throat going dry, and other bits sopping wet. Turns out, I’m his only option for a babysitter which turns into dad sitting. Under all the gruff, his love for his daughter is obvious. The longer we are together, the more our loathing turns to trust. He showed me a world I never thought could be mine. I want to be loved and cherished, I just never knew it until now. Except, I risk being disowned if I do not leave him.

My world explodes into electrifying chaos when I collide into Matthew—a complicated sexy bad boy billionaire investor, a fiercely protective single dad, and my brother’s best friend. Matthew’s business venture lands him in New York, weaving our professional and personal lives together. And guess what? I find myself in the middle of Matthew’s business shenanigans when he buys the very company that employs me. So now, I am sleeping with my ex, this irresistibly charming tattooed new CEO. But the plot thickens… Just when I thought I had it all figured out, a shocking revelation threatens to shatter this fragile relationship. Matthew is not the man I thought he was. He is the identical twin to a deceitful and manipulating con-man that broke my heart. Now, I’m torn between loving and hating a man because his face is identical to the one I left in my past. Yet, I can’t resist the temptation of being with him – a hot, confident, and daring business tycoon. For my heart and the love it desires, I am willing to risk it all for the right bad boy.

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