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They say laughter is the best medicine. But my true remedy lies in fake kisses with the grumpiest neighbor in town. I’ve been dodging Dr. Blake Henderson since I can remember. Sure, he may be tall, dark, and brilliant, but I’d rather run a marathon barefoot than deal with his broodiness. When New Hope Hospital plans to open a pediatric library, my literary expertise is requested, and Mr. Moody becomes my new business partner. But as we collaborate, late-night meetings lead to town gossip, and what better way to gain publicity than to fake a romance and play pretend? But Is it my imagination, or is Blake beginning to hum a different tune? They say heart surgeons have steady hands. But when the fake kisses begin to feel all too real. No one warned me Dr. Grump would have a grip on my heart.

My teammates called me Grumpy Old Man. I understood the grumpy part. It wasn’t as if I was the life of the party. But I wasn’t old. Geez, I was only thirty-two. Despite the only partly correct nickname, there’s two things you needed to know about me. The first, I loved my dog and would do anything for that crazy mutt. The second thing, well, it involved my teammates’ sister. The woman he told me to stay away from. What nobody knew was I have had a crush on her for years. Why was I telling you that? My dog was in an accident and the only one who could save him? You guessed it. My secret crush was the local veterinarian. What did I do to thank her? I got her fired. Now my secret crush thought I was a grumpy jerk too.

I knew sleeping with my boss would be dicey…it could change everything. CEO Thomas Vail, a quiet, no-nonsense man, knows what he wants when he sees it. He recently found out his ex was keeping his son from him. I barely got my name out when he hired me on the spot, as his assistant. Maybe it was my curvy silhouette. I felt the panic in his eyes when he asked me to stay and help with his son. I couldn’t say no. We had a professional relationship; nothing can happen between us – like he hinted. His grip was dominating, his lips engulfed my body, I held tight to his body…I was such a rule breaker. Laying the little one down, kissing his head, for a split moment I felt like a family. I need to update my resume, single daddy needs more than an assistant…

Amelia: My mission is to clean up my grumpy billionaire boss’s image… Not to end up in his bed. Having a one-night stand with my grumpy boss wasn’t part of the arrangement, When he agreed to undergo a transformation. Alexander, a brooding alpha male, tall, handsome, and enigmatic, with dark hair and a chiseled jaw, is a billionaire playboy, known for his extravagant lifestyle, and a string of short-lived romances. Stuck with the assignment of rebranding his image, Our meeting went from a lunch break to a dinner date. His polite and almost seductive charm caught me off guard. Wrapped in his strong arms, I find myself leaning in for a kiss. He’s not only incredibly attractive, but his member is bigger than any I’ve ever seen. I’ve always loved a man with a good grip and his grip is just what I need. But there’s a fine line between boss and employee that should never be crossed…Oops And now it’s too late.

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