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One way to get over my daddy issues… Find three new Daddies! I can’t let anything or anyone interfere with my plan to secretly work my way through the ranks of my dad’s corporate empire. Not even three coworkers who backed up some pretty sexy claims the day before I start my job. Small detail…I didn’t tell them we’re about to be coworkers or that my dad is the CEO. I’m determined to prove that I can handle being successful at work while maintaining a fun personal life, namely roller derby which my father despises. Have I assigned myself too big of a task by adding ‘fun times with three coworkers’ to my to-do list? And am I the only one who left out a small detail about their identity?

What could be better than getting to meet your celebrity crush? How about rescuing him from a horde of hungry groupies. What started as a pretty good day shot straight to spectacular in the blink of an eye. And it just keeps getting better and better. Because not only did I save Asher Forbes from a fate worse than death by sticking my tongue down his throat, it appears I also stole his heart. Not too shabby for a curvy girl looking to spend a little time with some of her oldest friends while attending the hottest concert in town.

My long-lost love staggered back into my life, his memories lost in a blizzard’s swirling grasp. Now fate snows us in—the girl who got away and the man determined to make amends. I’ve avoided romance since Jasper left me shattered. Yet here he lies, that rugged frame still making my pulse race as I tend his wounds. The strong arms that once held me now lie limp, his mind a blank slate. His sea-green eyes seem to recognize me through the fog. They rekindle flames I’ve kept on ice since our promise of forever was ripped apart. We were inseparable—until the day my ambitions pulled me far from our mountain home. His jealousies demolished any hope of happily ever after as youth’s reckless fire raged out of control. A decade later, he’s back—a phoenix risen from the ashes of our past. My wary mind urges caution, but my hopeful heart wants to rekindle what we once had. If warm nostalgia continues melting my icy defenses, I may cave like fresh powder before his enduring charm.

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