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Two hearts, one bed, no looking back. Daisy: When the hottest boy band on the planet gets back together for an epic reunion tour, there’s no decision to make. I’m going. It’s been ten years since I’ve had the chance to hang out with my groupie besties. They don’t know it yet, but my parents are forcing me to settle into a life they’ve pre-planned, right down to the man they want me to marry. I’ve got one final weekend of freedom to make memories that will last forever. Memories that will hopefully include the tattooed, bearded roadie whose hotel room I end up sharing. Especially since there’s only one bed. Hendrix: I’m not looking for anything but a paycheck when I take over the stage set up crew for an over-hyped reunion tour. All I want is to do my job and get enough dough to buy a private little place in the country. But after one glance at Daisy, I’m a goner. The curvy blonde is too young, too smiley, too everything, including too far out of my league. Somehow, that doesn’t stop her from falling into my bed. Now I need to figure out a way to keep her there or risk losing my heart forever.

I unexpectedly find Riley; half my age, and injured on my mountain. I’m here to protect her but in my secluded cabin, sparks begin to fly. While on the mountain, I find Riley with a sprained ankle. But she refuses my help, so I carry her home to wrap her wound. As a sudden storm hits, the fire is crackling. Our bodies begin heating up. Combine her curves with my abs, it’s a combo that’s hard to resist. It’s thrilling and very sexy. She could stay here wrapped in my arms for days. All tangled up in the sheets, Riley tells me why she is hiding. Her ex is a corrupt lawyer and is coming to silence her. She’s trusting me not to expose her, before she exposes him. In the midst of our hot and intense romance, Riley’s ex is closing in. I must keep her alive to save this love that is way too enticing to resist.

She needs me, because she needs money. I don’t need her. Just her complete submission… Maybell Jacobs is the Wallflower, quiet, shy, socially awkward and hell-bent on hiding even from herself, that is until a chance encounter takes place between us. Instantly she hates me and for good reason. I’m a walking-red-flag. Filthy rich jock, short tempered, and violent. I can have anyone and anything I want.. except her. Little does she know her disgust, anger, and hate for me fuels my obsession to own her, completely in every single way. Maybell resists, predictably… but her fight only makes her more desirable and I have plans that will lead her right into my lap and never want to leave. When she joins the sinful tradition put on by the elite of the town, the Hunt, I’m shocked. The pretty little thing has no idea how much danger she’s in if she decides to become my prey. Sweet, innocent, and fragile like a flower. I’ll have to be careful or risk breaking her. Because I’m the ultimate predator and when I play there are no rules. I don’t chase. I capture. And I like to own my bait.

Gage Ledger didn’t know Rory Abernathy beyond her online gamer tag, but he still couldn’t get her off his mind. Although he’d never met her in real life, he had a feeling he’d finally met his match in the quirky and intelligent woman who he’d looked forward to talking with every day over the summer. Rory hadn’t expected to come face-to-face with her favorite professional football player on the first day of her internship for the New York Nighthawks. Or to discover he was the gamer she’d fallen for. As her two worlds collide, she just has to hope the coincidence doesn’t cause problems for her at work.

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