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Her ex-fiancé took everything except the honeymoon package. Kate had it all planned out. A beautiful wedding and a perfect honeymoon with the man of her dreams. But when her fiancé dumps her for someone else, he leaves behind nothing but the non-refundable honeymoon package. Left with a shattered heart and barely a cent to her name, Kate goes on the trip. Her best friend said it would be cathartic. Besides, it wasn’t like things could get any worse. Liam, burdened by his own loss, arrives at the idyllic, snow-kissed resort on a solemn quest—to honor a promise made to his late girlfriend. This was supposed to be a journey of final goodbyes and the closure of a love chapter, not the start of a new one. After a meet-cute fail, an unexpected couple’s competition with the potential to solve Kate’s dire financial struggles throws her and Liam together again. Can Kate navigate her growing feelings for Liam while pursuing the prize she desperately needs? Will Liam let the warmth of new love mend his broken heart before their Christmas retreat concludes?

She’s completely off limits, or so I’m told. My best friend’s little sister. Hot, curvy, and soon to be mine. And to say the least, she’s fiery mad. Her brother is willing to sell out their family business to me, and he’s right for doing it. I’m a billionaire. Hello. Little did I know that this beautiful vixen is about to jack my world up. There’s one trinket I want most in the world for my collection and guess who just bought it? Right. Her. But I’m down to play her games. I’ve got aces in my pocket waiting for the right moment to strike. And when I do, the prize I yearn for isn’t a shiny object. It’s my girl. She’s going to be upset to find herself sleeping with the enemy, but those tables will turn. I’m not after today or tomorrow, but forever.

My cold-as-ice and untouchable grumpy billionaire boss, Caden Noir, thinks I’m just Ella – a lowly assistant in his huge corporation – until I get caught breaking into his computer… A rival company has offered to pay my sick mother’s medical bills if I can steal Caden’s prototype. Thinking fast, I talk my way out of trouble and into being his secretary. Perfect! But when Caden hides the prototype in his luxury home, I have to find a way to get inside… and I do. One thing I didn’t count on was how to make love to a man who cannot bear the touch of another. I also discovered his family tragedy. It revealed a good reason for not releasing the prototype. But Caden doesn’t know that the company I’m spying for caused his tragedy… or that I’m the one who tried to steal the secret he protects.

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