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The Complete Dragon Ever After Series in one box set! Four princesses. One goal. Stop the Grey Enchantress before she destroys everything, and everyone, they love. A fantasy romance series featuring fairy tale retellings filled with magic, adventure, curses, shifters, and a quirky cast of characters ready to help four strong princesses save their kingdoms and their dragons!

  • Book One-Dragon Fairest: This Snow White’s no damsel in distress. He’s a dragon shifter on the run from the foster mother who wants him dead.
  • Book Two-Once Upon A Dragon: This Cinderella’s not at the ball to dance. He’s searching for magic a magic pumpkin that might be the key to saving his kingdom.
  • Book Three-Dragon And The Beast: This Beast is no monster. She’s a lonely princess cursed with out-of-control magic.
  • Book Four-Sleeping Dragon: Caleb’s no Sleeping Beauty. He’s a cursed prince determined to protect his kingdom from an evil enchantress.

One date. One charity auction. And one billionaire playboy. That’s all it took to turn my world upside down. I had one rule: No strings. No heartache. After my date with Wyatt Clark turned into a smoldering breathless night, Sneaking out of his bed seemed smart. Because the last thing I planned was a repeat performance. So, avoiding him should’ve been easy, right? Wrong. When I accepted a job to restore an art collection, guess who was involved? The same infuriatingly charming Wyatt, devoted single dad, and billionaire CEO of his father’s scandalous empire. Despite my sassy comebacks and his grumpy demeanor, our chemistry was undeniable. And with a dangerous stalker lurking and secrets untangling, we found ourselves drawing closer in more ways than one. It didn’t take long before our clothes, and my rule, were tossed aside. His gentle whispers of forever melted away every last one of my defenses. Loving him is risky. But maybe, just maybe he’s worth it.

I vowed to stay away from my brother’s grumpy best friend… Now he wants to marry me. Billionaire basketball star Trevor Kranes is my former childhood crush-turned-boss. He always got me with his deep ocean-blue eyes, chiseled jawline, and that breathtaking smug grin. I thought his smile was real until he coldly rejected me a few years ago. But now he needs a wife to clean up his playboy image. If I marry him, he’ll help advance my career. I’ll only do it under one condition: No feelings allowed. And yeah… don’t tell my brother. Ignoring my feelings for this bossy jerk should be easy, but his protective arms feel too warm, and his tender touches feel too soft. Until his lips on mine send shivers down my spine, now I’m not sure if he’s still pretending…

This Set Includes All Three Books in The Good Girls and Bad Boys Series.

Who’s That Girl: When Georgia sets foot on the Spears’ family estate claiming to be the late Anthony Spears’ daughter, all hell breaks loose. While Anthony’s widow Wanda takes to Georgia immediately, Anthony’s stepdaughter, Osana, refuses to believe Georgia is Anthony’s daughter and sets off to prove her suspicions to protect Anthony’s estate. Georgia is thrown off track when she comes face to face with Kel, a man from her past whom she’s always loved. Kel loves Georgia as well but is not sure that they belong together. Yet, the more they try to fight their feelings, the more they realize their love will never go away. Georgia finally realizes that having money does not bring instant happiness and that blood is not always thicker than water.

Getting pregnant by my grumpy boss was never my plan. Five years ago, I lost my husband in a car accident and became a single mom of a two-year-old. I promised I would take good care of my daughter and never looked back. I became the top event planner in the company and got the opportunity of a lifetime. But I didn’t know it would be with him. Adrian Bennet – The grumpy billionaire who almost got me fired when I was a newbie years ago. He is an intoxicatingly handsome single dad, but totally off-limits. Sparks fly as we clash, but we can’t keep our eyes off of each other. The more we spend time together, the harder it is to push him away. A hug turns into a kiss, and before we know it, he pins me against the wall in his office. Now my work and his reputation are at risk. And to top it all off, I just got the news that will turn our worlds upside down. I’m pregnant….

My long-lost love staggered back into my life, his memories lost in a blizzard’s swirling grasp. Now fate snows us in—the girl who got away and the man determined to make amends. I’ve avoided romance since Jasper left me shattered. Yet here he lies, that rugged frame still making my pulse race as I tend his wounds. The strong arms that once held me now lie limp, his mind a blank slate. His sea-green eyes seem to recognize me through the fog. They rekindle flames I’ve kept on ice since our promise of forever was ripped apart. We were inseparable—until the day my ambitions pulled me far from our mountain home. His jealousies demolished any hope of happily ever after as youth’s reckless fire raged out of control. A decade later, he’s back—a phoenix risen from the ashes of our past. My wary mind urges caution, but my hopeful heart wants to rekindle what we once had. If warm nostalgia continues melting my icy defenses, I may cave like fresh powder before his enduring charm.

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