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A strict ballet patron that happens to be a billionaire. A beautiful, penniless young dancer with a dream. An accidental meeting that turns into a sizzling, scandalous, steamy affair. The sole perk of being a billionaire that I look forward to is being a patron at the best ballet in the country. I used to dance myself, and I still love the blood, sweat, and tears that go into dance. When I’m asked to step in as choreographer, I agree hesitantly. When I first meet Kaia, she’s earning cash and breaking hearts as a dancer at the city’s most exclusive club. She’s all blonde hair, soft curves, and peekaboo outfits. I pay for her private dances in the champagne room. She flirts with me, dances for me, and then perches on my lap. I’m infatuated with Kaia from the jump. I want more. Need more. I’m so enthralled that I ask her to be my private dancer. She says she’ll think about it. I’m determined to have her, one way or another. Then I walk into the theatre the very next day to check out a new crop of potential ballet dancers. And who do I see but Kaia. Now I have some leverage over her and I don’t hesitate to use it. I make her an offer that she can’t refuse. Sign a contract. Move into my penthouse. Dance for me alone, for as long as I want her. And in exchange, she’ll get cold hard cash and the chance to live out her dreams as a ballerina. All she has to do is say yes…

Surrendering to the Rake: The Earl of Blythe turns the tables on a meddling miss determined to save her cousin from his roguish ways… That Wicked Harlot: Can a gaming hell cardsharp resist falling for the arrogant Baron Broadmoor, a man she’s supposed to hate? Tempting A Marquess: Miss Abbott, a proper Regency miss, refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer when the overbearing Marquess of Alastair insists on protecting her from the debauchery at an infamous chateau. Tempting A Marquess for Christmas: When it comes to acting the gentleman, this marquess is damned if he does…and damned if he doesn’t. The Countess and the Rake: Lord Barclay has never met a woman he can’t seduce…until now. Pleasuring Lady Pennington: Will her ladyship’s plans to blackmail the handsome Cedman Ashely into her bed backfire? Surrendering to the Baron: Lord Ramsay discovers that the seduction of his own wife might be the hardest part of his marriage. An Improper Proposition: Desperate to keep the debt collectors at bay, Miss Deana Herwood makes a most improper proposition to wealthy Lord Rockwell. 

He swapped places with his identical brother… now it might cost him the woman he loves. Everly Madison loves life as an online music sensation. But it turns ugly when an internet troll won’t stop leaving threats on her videos. When her brother insists she get a bodyguard, Everly is initially resistant, until she meets the Lockwood triplets. They might look identical, but only one of them makes her heart flutter a new tune. Ridge Lockwood gave up the military to help his brothers establish a personal security firm. But when one of their first clients is the online singer-songwriter he’s admired for months, Ridge is devastated when his brother is assigned the case instead of himself. Unable to sit on the sidelines, he takes matters into his own hands and convinces his brother to switch places. As Everly becomes confused about exactly who she’s falling for, the predator’s actions begin to escalate. Can Ridge defend her while still hiding his secret? Or will he come clean, risking not only his company’s reputation, but the woman he’s fallen desperately in love with?

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