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Two attorneys battle it out in this military reverse age-gap romance. Damon: I wasn’t expecting Kate, but now that she’s come into my life, I’m not letting her go. She’s smart and naïve, sharp and sweet, and overthinks everything. I’ve got a plan to distract her big brain so her heart can get a word in but I’ve got limited time to make that happen. I’m sure of one thing though, her body is hoping I’ll win. Kate: The last thing I expected after suddenly going from six figures to minimum wage, was a stern young army officer stepping in to rescue me. I was always that classic good girl — studied hard, and never quite got around to figuring men out. Now here’s Damon claiming I’m his, and that he’s actually older because of his theory of sexual relativity. It’s just the challenge, right? He can’t be serious…

Second chances … and the secrets that sabotage them. CeCe Bixby’s life is in flux. After being abandoned by her husband six years earlier she’s managed to cope by focusing on her work as a reporter and on being a good mom to her young son. When her name is leaked in connection with a dangerously controversial story, a fresh start in small town Huckleberry Ridge, Idaho feels safe … until she meets her new landlord, a handsome widower who just may wield the key to her tightly sealed heart. Shane Wickham is shackled with regret. Ever since playing an unintentional role in his wife’s death, he’s denied himself a second chance at happiness. But once he meets his attractive but fearful new tenant, he feels compelled to help her, and his firm resolve to keep his distance begins to crumble. Despite an undeniable attraction to Shane, CeCe is terrified to lower her guard and expose herself and her son to the risk of more heartbreak. And though Shane secretly longs to put yesterday behind him, his guilt won’t allow him to pursue the possibility of new love. Can they find a way to forge a future together, or will regret and deception doom the chance to repair two damaged hearts?

My brother’s best friend shattered my heart when he left to chase a dream of shoulder pads and glory. Now he’s back, but even worse, so is my crush. I’m not in love with Mason Sanderson anymore, so I keep telling myself. It doesn’t matter that he’s the face of every hero in any romance novel I’ve ever read. My new next-door neighbor is not the man of my dreams. The flutters and butterflies when I see him around don’t mean anything. As his best friend’s little sister, I’m the perfect choice when he needs a date for his former team’s fundraising event. No drama, no expectations–off limits. Then his ex shows up. I’ve waited a lifetime for him to ask me out, but it’s not real. I’m in the friend zone. Anyone know how to keep a heart intact when heartbreak is inevitable?

A collection of six new exclusive novellas by your favorite historical romance authors all featuring Gentlemen and Gloves. They say… A fine pair of well fitted gloves are essential. Six Gentlemen… Learn just how tempting a modest glove can be. Grab your copy of Gentlemen and Gloves today and revel in the glorious titles: 

  • Unmasked at Midnight by Collette Cameron
  • The Gentlemans’ All That by Bianca Blythe
  • One of a Kind by Sandra Sookoo
  • Kiss the Duke Goodbye by Tracy Sumner
  • The Virgin Widow by Robyn DeHart
  • If the Duke Fits by Cecilia Rene.
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