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I unexpectedly find Riley; half my age, and injured on my mountain. I’m here to protect her but in my secluded cabin, sparks begin to fly. While on the mountain, I find Riley with a sprained ankle. But she refuses my help, so I carry her home to wrap her wound. As a sudden storm hits, the fire is crackling. Our bodies begin heating up. Combine her curves with my abs, it’s a combo that’s hard to resist. It’s thrilling and very sexy. She could stay here wrapped in my arms for days. All tangled up in the sheets, Riley tells me why she is hiding. Her ex is a corrupt lawyer and is coming to silence her. She’s trusting me not to expose her, before she exposes him. In the midst of our hot and intense romance, Riley’s ex is closing in. I must keep her alive to save this love that is way too enticing to resist.

I was supposed to be undercover not under his covers and now I’m pregnant with his baby. A wave of rage floods my veins as I face the infamous Lorenzo Bianci–the man who haunts my every waking thought. His body is chiseled like it was touched by divine hands but he has the heart of the devil. He isn’t a man to be trifled with. His power and influence reach far beyond what I could have dreamt possible. In a twisted bid to claim me, he offers me a dangerous deal. An arrangement that would make me his fake girlfriend and submit to his every will. He made me his world…Filled my life with unimaginable care and passion. But I have a secret he doesn’t know, I’m the investigator he’s been trying to eliminate. Getting close enough to bring down this Mob Boss is worth any risk. What I didn’t know was that the risk would be my heart. If my superiors ever found out, my career would be over. What I didn’t expect was that this agreement would bind us for the rest of our lives with a child.

I’m marked for death by the Mafia… Icing on the cake… My own brother betrayed me……knowing they’re out to get me. I never imagined I’d find myself in this position… A consequence of being in the wrong place at the wrong time… And there’s only one man who can protect me… He is as hard bodied and alluring as he is dangerous. His dark sexy eyes heat me up making me crave to have him. Ramon, Mafia Boss and my unexpected Protector, instead of feeling fear, I find myself strangely hypnotized by him. Our love is the ultimate gamble in the Mafia’s ruthless world, but all I want to do is get naked with him despite the danger we’re both in. Our forbidden romance could be our death, or our saving grace.

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