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I killed him. I didn’t mean to kill him. It was either him or me. So, I fought for my life. Justifiable Homicide. That’s what the DA called it. Olivia: They can call it whatever they want, but in the end, I killed him, and I have to live with that for the rest of my life. Now I’m just trying to get my life back to normal. On my first day back to work as a Fire Fighter Paramedic for the City of West Palm Beach, Florida, I have a hurricane bearing down on me, a new partner to train, and my first patient of the day is the biggest pain in the… well, you know. I’m fine. That’s my new mantra. I’m fine. Now, if I could just convince everyone else. Gabriel: She’s beautiful, and I have an attraction to her I cannot understand. But she keeps warning me off her. I don’t want to listen, but I certainly don’t have the time to deal with someone that has a whole planeload of baggage. I just got back from spending six weeks in Syria rescuing stupid, but well-meaning kids, an international billion-dollar security company to run, and two brothers to keep track of. I should heed her warning. I just don’t want to.

Since seventh grade, my heart hasn’t been mine to give away. Dominique “Nikki” Sloane has been my best friend since second grade. I was the Man of Honor at her wedding—despite my lack of fondness for the groom—and I’m godfather to her twin daughters. The problem? I, Aiden Carlisle, do hereby avow and affirm that I love my married best friend. That way. Not like a friend. Yes, I’m engaged—to someone else—and yes, there’s a lot of history in the way. Not to mention the secrets—his, hers, mine, ours, theirs—and my fear of trying, failing, and losing her forever. As I head home to comfort Nikki as her marriage falls apart, I’m not kidding myself, believe me. This won’t be easy. Nikki Sloane and Chris Hawthorne have been together since eighth grade. They were the “it” couple in high school, Prom Queen and King, the works. I never had a shot until now, but I know the time isn’t yet right to tell her how I feel. The question is, will the time ever be right? Can Nikki finally look past the man she’s been with for twenty years, to see the man who’s loved her longer and harder, the man desperate to give her all the love she truly deserves?

It was hate at first sight. After a run-in with the rude best man, Peter, at her best friend’s wedding and a subsequent meltdown on New Year’s Eve, Hazel is ready to make major changes. Realizing she’s a serial dater, she vows to take a break from dating and focus on reinventing herself in her career—and putting down roots for once in her life. But when the jerk from the wedding moves in next door, Hazel can’t believe her bad luck. She does her best to avoid Peter, until a massive blizzard forces her to take shelter at his house. The icy tension between them starts to thaw as they get to know each other, but when they’re still snowed in four days later—on Valentine’s Day—tempers flare as passions rise. Confused and unsettled, Hazel has no idea what to do with her conflicting feelings, and avoiding him doesn’t seem to be an option. Can she find love with this enigmatic man amid the winter storm brewing within and between them?

Finding a roommate should be simple. Easy as pie, right? The roommates in this steamy collection will discover just how messy things can become. Not looking for love, but living in close quarters, and with undeniable chemistry, things will get complicated quickly. They will try and deny their desires as long as they can, but will their cravings for one another win out in the end? Authors include: Ashley Zakrzewski, Amanda Shelley, Denise Wells, Ilyse Hartt, Kristin Lee, Marie Winters & Jo Richardson, Eve Sterling, Regina Frame, Keighley Bradford, JC Jaye, Cata Ree, Sutton Bishop, Sharon Wray, Emery LeeAnn, Meg Napier, J. Keely Thrall, Julie Halperson, Skye Knight, Susanna Eastman, Dania Voss, Lori Ann Bailey, Diana Belchase, Laurel Wanrow, Leanora Cowan, Skye Blackburn, Alexis R. Craig, Ashlee Shades, J.T. Bock, Carolina Jax, Kinsey Booth, Wynter Ryan, LeTeisha Newton, & Mariah Kingsley.

Never piss off a witch. Sidney: When fighting over the same woman leads to insulting a powerful witch, I find myself stuck with my three brothers permanently. After centuries without a cure, our magical resources are nearly as exhausted as our patience. When a witch from a powerful bloodline moves into the apartment complex, we call in the family debt to gain her assistance. When we’re all drawn to her, I start to worry that history may repeat itself. Ora: Inheriting my aunt’s floral shop in Destiny Falls freed me from a life of mediocracy and misunderstandings. Able to be my witchy self in a town for paranormals, I pack up my car and set concrete boundaries with my overbearing family. The three vampires looking for a cure from a nasty hex is a surprise that tests my skills and my heart.

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