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I avoided a bad mistake by running from my cheating Ex during our wedding. Now I’m working for a grumpy, billionaire, single dad, who may be my worst mistake ever. I was hired to be a nanny and now I am a billionaire’s fake wife! One burnt meal and I thought I was going to be fired. Instead, I saw a twinkle in his eyes I didn’t think he was capable of expressing. I just needed a job and now my heart palpitated with excitement every time he looked at me. I tried to keep Scott at arm’s length, but I’ve hit the wall of reality. He is much older than me and he’s my boss! I need to focus on grooming him to be a better father to a wild child only until he gets me a connection to a modeling agency as he promised.

As an offensive lineman for the New York Nighthawks, Rhodes Channing was too focused on his career to have time for dating. But when he saw Finley Madison at a charity gala, he knew she was meant to be his. Unfortunately, she was the team owner’s niece…and he warned Rhodes to stay away from her. Finley wanted nothing more than to be with Rhodes, but she didn’t want to risk the team’s playoff chances by causing drama. Their only choice was to keep their relationship a secret. A choice that could blow up in their face if her uncle found out.

CAUTION: This Box Set includes forbidden, off-limits, sizzling romance, unexpected pregnancy, fake relationships and dominant alpha mafia bosses. It may evoke strong emotions such as heart racing, and intense physical sensations. However, the author promises that all discomfort will be resolved with (fully satisfying) happily-ever-afters.

My Ex’s Forbidden Mafia Brother: There is a line between brother’s that should never be crossed in a Mafia family. As the Best man for my brother’s wedding, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the wedding planner, Tasha. I felt a tumultuous mix of attraction and guilt, as Tasha also happens to be my brother’s ex-girlfriend. Our worlds collide filled with combustible tension from the start. She’s the best wedding planner in the city, and not just because of her exceptional talents; her allure is undeniable. Being near her causes a physical reaction that I can’t control, making me yearn to dominate her completely. Despite being a Goodfella and a Boss. With Tasha, I crave something more primal. I yearn to be just a man. Her allure awakens cravings I thought were buried since my wife’s death. Yet, my challenge intensifies as Tasha, my forbidden desire, is the daughter of my sworn enemy. The explosion of our feud shatters the fragile trust between us, leaving a jagged maze of broken promises and lies.
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It’s been two years since my one-night stand with Alex. A night that ended with me running away from him. But I can’t shake the memory of his body, his touch. His pride and my fear have kept us apart. Now he’s back, and seeking the answer to his family’s curse. A vial of mystical blood. A source of power. I can’t tell him what I’ve seen in my dreams. But I have to stop him. Alexander Harding can not get ahold of that vial.

Jax Porter: I used to be the bad boy from Soul Obsession. Now I’m a mechanic living in the outskirts of Vegas, under the radar, until I receive the call I have been dreading for a decade. I don’t mind going back into the studio. I love music. But the idea of hitting the chaos of the road makes my skin crawl. After one too many beers, I come up with a plan to help make life a little more bearable while keeping an eye on my sweet neighbor all at once. Daniela Delano: I’ve been crushing on my broody neighbor, but from what I can tell, I’ve been friend-zoned. Turns out my quiet neighbor is none other than the bad boy from the boy band I used to listen to as a teenager, and he is making me an offer I can’t refuse! A marriage of convenience will help me make the bakery I’ve been dreaming of opening one day a reality. How can I say no? When the lines start to blur, I don’t know what’s real and not, and I’m afraid the adventure of my dreams has heartbreak written all over it. Could we be a sweet duo made in heaven? Or will we end up walking away solo?
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