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Liam, my unexpected rescuer, turns out to be a possessive silver fox. One I never expected to fall for. My passion has always been marine research. But my world is shattered when I witness someone callously polluting the water. Our gazes meet, and suddenly, the tranquility shatters into a storm of bullets. Panic grips me, leading to a frantic 911 call. Liam comes ashore and whisks me away to hide in a cave for safety. He’s twice my age, but the way he grips me makes it clear that he is in control; all alpha, a feeling that both unnerves and excites me. At first I didn’t want his protection, but soon the air inside crackles with a sexual tension that grows as we wait for them to leave. This leads to an incredible chemistry that leaves us breathless and yearning for more. As bullets pierce the air, the boundary between protector and lover blurs. And I pray he can protect my heart as fiercely as he guards my life.

I’m not looking for love, I’m desperate for money. Being locked in the dark with a sexy older man changes everything. Win a dream vacation + $20,000 just for making a blind date look amazing online? Sure, I’ll take a chance on a Valentine’s contest. I don’t know if I believe in matchmaking… until I see my partner. He is my date? A refined, older, wealthy businessman who has no idea how hot he is? Sure, he’s gorgeous, but we’re a complete mismatch. Whatever… I’m sure I can fake my way through one night with a seductive stranger. Alex just entered this contest as a favor to the Matchmaker. After a few hours, there’s no denying the wild force pulling the two of us closer. Especially when we’re accidentally locked up together… and everything seems possible. Are we still just playing the game or not?

I can’t keep my hands off my best friend’s daughter. And I never thought I would get her pregnant… I‘m captivated by Scarlett Halls. An annoying mid-twenties law graduate and my late best friend’s daughter. I promised to protect and watch over her, but she is more than I’ve ever imagined. She’s intoxicating, intelligent, beautiful, and a force I can’t resist. Stolen glances and accidental touches fuel the flames of desire within me. Every interaction melts away the hate, replacing it with undeniable longing. But dark secrets swirl, threatening to destroy everything we’ve built. I can’t ignore her quest for the truth behind her father’s death. I fear that danger lurks in the shadows, Making it impossible to resist the fierce protectiveness that surges within me. I’m willing to give my life to ensure her safety, Especially now that I know she is carrying my baby.

She is my student, half my age, and totally off-limits. After one mind-blowing night, I thought I’d never see her again until the day she walked into my class. Anna David. A brilliant business student with a sassy mouth. She challenges me every chance she gets. This spitfire isn’t about to make it easy. Yet her rare beauty, unmatched by Aphrodite herself, allures me every day. Her coke bottle body quenches the thirst of any man. When word of a fellow professor’s affair with a student spreads like wildfire, We’re assigned to investigate the scandal together. But the more time we spend together, the more tension between us melts away. We vow never to cross the line, but before we know it, we’re at it again. We must keep this from ever getting out or the consequences could ruin us both. Especially now that she’s having my baby…

He’s a billionaire CEO who never got over his first crush, and she’s a rising singer hoping for her big break. Can a last-minute singing engagement at his island birthday celebration make both wishes come true? Roman Cantona is promoted to CEO of his family’s hotel conglomerate. He always knew this day would come, though he never imagined it would come so quickly or so tragically. Overnight, he becomes a workaholic with no social life. He’s operating on coffee fumes by the time he allows a friend to talk him into taking a long overdue weekend off for his birthday. He makes a reservation at an award-winning resort in Fiji that promises a celebration designed to make his biggest wishes come true. Or so their website claims. It sounds more like a fairytale to him, because he’s pretty sure he’s not going to be dating the woman of his dreams anytime soon. A poor but rising singer receives an invitation from a tropical resort for a weekend singing engagement that she can’t afford to turn down. When she arrives, Celine Petrova is amazed to come face-to-face with the man who’s been funding her full-ride scholarship to college — a very hunky, very sweet, and very exhausted CEO. It’s an instant rekindling of old flames that soon has her daydreaming about making memories that’ll last far beyond a single weekend! 

These professional football players are ready to win the most important game of all…love. This collection includes the first three titles in the New York Nighthawks series plus three brand-new epilogues. Sacked: Falling for his teammate’s sister wasn’t a smart play. Especially when Naomi was more than a decade younger than Prentice. Interception: Falling for his sister’s best friend wasn’t the right move. But when she was set up with one of his teammates, Nixon had no choice but to intercept Ember and lay claim to his woman. O Line: When Jordan was stood up, he jumped at the chance to ask Wrenley to go out with him instead…only he had no idea that she figured she was just stepping in as his fake date.

Jade: I find him injured, a monster hiding in the shadows of an unknown, terrifying world. When I run from him, I end up thrust into the middle of an unbelievable war full of creatures I can’t fathom exist. My sole worth in the eyes of these warmongering beings is as a sacrifice on the altar of destruction. My mind and body crave what only he can give, but the darkness harbored within his soul frightens me. Resigned to my fate, I prepare myself to draw my last breath; I dream he will come, but we all know dreams never come true. SiN: I am the thing of nightmares hiding under the bed. The monster lurking in the shadows, haunting the worlds I travel. This is who I am, or was until I opened my eyes and saw her. My Angel. Everything I’ve ever known, everything I’ve been taught my entire life, has been a filthy lie. In my usual fashion, I refuse to believe the facts and react without remorse for those around me. Now, because of my crimes and past transgressions, I might be too late to save my guiding light. She’s the only thing that can deliver me from the darkness I’ve become enshrouded with.

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