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Thou Shalt Be Badass. Tanner Principato is a gruff, surly combat vet who has cobbled together a livelihood flying rescue dogs to forever homes. When Tanner makes good on a promise to Bare Bones MC lawyer Slushy and brings a puppy to a lonely member, he is caught in the middle of a mystery. Tanner’s innate kindness means he volunteers to track down the missing bride of the club’s fentanyl dealer, Tutti Morgan, the “Walter White of Flagstaff.” Bare Bones territory looks even more inviting to Tanner when he’s paired up with a friend of the vanished newlywed, Unity Mitford. A rape victim, Unity’s job as spokesmodel for cannabis companies brings her into the limelight with many men. Men she teases. Men she avoids. Terrified of intimacy, Unity has developed a wide array of survival skills to keep men at bay. When she starts working with Tanner, for the first time she questions some of these methods of isolation. Does she really want to resist the dashing, commanding, and carved pilot? He calls her the Queen of Heaven after a Kama Sutra position, and he leaves his mark on her heart. Their fling—and detective partnership—comes to a grinding halt when Unity finds out what Tanner spent ten years in prison for. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

My first time experiencing the full Beltane celebration has turned into a nightmare. A spiked drink and hours I can’t remember has put me in a precarious situation. I’m pregnant but don’t remember getting this way and worst of all, I’m not alone. Other young women just like me are now targets and four have disappeared. The shadow coven has worked in the darkness for generations, doing anything they can to bring light witches over to their side, even if it’s by force. They’ve never done anything like this before but it shows just how desperate they’ve become. For now, the focus is on protecting me and Cooper is my best chance. My best friend and the boy next door is willing to give up almost a year of his life to make sure that the shadow coven doesn’t get me. We hide out in a remote location until the baby comes. But that’s when all hell breaks loose.

I was supposed to have a weekend getaway with my best friend. The perpetually late Vienna hasn’t arrived when the massive snowstorm hits the resort. When all roads in and out close, the resort needs everyone to pitch in to make it work. With too many people and not enough beds, my brother’s best friend and teammate volunteers to have me share his room. Yeah. Sure. No problem. I’ve only dreamed of his hands on me since… well since I can remember. It’s just a night or two. No big deal. It’s a very big deal especially when he tells me he’s wanted me almost as long. Out side is cold but inside things are definitely heating up.

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