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I only wanted a no strings attached fling with my much older boss—but our families caught us, now we have to pretend to be in love. At least, he’s pretending. On my first day at Donovan and Sons Law, I didn’t expect to see the guy I had a one-night stand with – David Donovan, a reclusive billionaire partner of the firm. Though we both try to deny it, we are drawn to each other. It doesn’t matter where it is, we can’t keep our hands off of each other, in the bed, on his desk, against the wall, and so much more. He is damaged. His divorce, the car accident he never talks about, and his desire to be a better father leave him little time for love. So we agree, no strings attached. Though we promise it won’t affect work, the intensity of our attraction keeps surprising us. We’re caught by his best friend, is also my older brother. I pretend we’re in a real relationship. Only, the more time we spend together, the more I wish this was real. As Valentine’s Day approaches, things change. My brother is marrying David’s ex-wife, and David just got a job offer halfway across the globe. So, our fake relationship is maybe coming to an end. The only problem is I am in love with him, and I won’t let him go.

On an anonymous online dating app, LittleMissPerfect meets HotAussie007 and it’s love at first click. In real life, a smart but spiky woman in STEM, research scientist, Dr Eden, meets a laid-back Aussie marketing manager, Finn, at the big pharma company where they both work in California. They’re forced to compete for special projects funding, and both their jobs are on the line. Eden just wants to win at science and in life. It’s not happening! She can’t stand Finn’s too-cool-for-school, nice guy act, or his delectable forearms that keep invading her space. While Finn is stupidly attracted to Eden, when she’s not telling him off, he isn’t free to pursue her. He’s stuck in the worst position in his professional life, and doesn’t see a clear way out. He can’t tell her the whole truth about what’s going on at work or in his personal life… or it could all blow up in his face. When they realise the truth about their online alter egos, dating is off the table. Can they ignore their inconvenient attraction, and work together to take down their unethical boss? Or will intense rivalry cause their IRL work lives and online love lives to collide and explode like a science experiment gone wrong?

Sophie: I’ve loved Liam since I had thick glasses and shiny new braces. Now that I’m attending Crestwood University with him, I’m determined to make him see me as more than his best friend’s little sister. Things are going exactly as planned when I propose one night to fulfill our every desire. But will we be able to give each other up after one night? Or will he finally cave into our mutual obsession…. Liam: Sophie is the sweet little girl who always tagged after her older brother and me. She’s one of the few people in my life that I can count on. When her older brother asks me to look after her at college, I don’t expect my Sophie to show up as a feisty and fierce knockout. I can’t help but want her, but what comes next? I can only give her one night, but what happens when that night is over? Sophie has turned into the object of my obsession… She’s always wanted only him…he wants her with a fierce desire that can’t be denied. Whose heart will get broken first?

I didn’t know my brother’s arrogant billionaire best friend had a child. Now, I’m his new nanny. Roman Sterling and I have never seen eye to eye, but his friendship with my brother grants me an offer I can’t refuse. After a rocky relationship left me broke and broken, I agreed to work as his son’s nanny. Roman is untouchable and unbreakable, his son is his only weakness. But arguments about his detached parenting style soon turn into heated moments of sin. When he asks me to parade as his wife for the sake of a business deal, I finally see what lies beneath his cold exterior: feelings that only I can awaken in him. However, as long as my troubled past follows me, it’s impossible to be honest with him. When the man I’ve been running from finally hunts me down, I need Roman to come to my rescue.

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