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A forbidden flame kindled in the heart of battle. As the goblin horde descended upon our kingdom, I vowed to defend Concordia as a female Captain in the King’s Army. Rebellious Prince Landon abandoned the castle to fight with us, despite his father forbidding it. I didn’t resent his choice, but it came with a price—a bounty placed on him, but the king wasn’t the only one who wanted Landon. A connection formed between us when he shared his breath to save my life amidst the frenzy of combat. His dark hair, blue eyes, and sensual lips ignited my senses. Desire, fueled by the chaos of war and thrill of survival, threatened to consume me. Our war-torn world placed us in close quarters, just not close enough . . .


They both thought they were through with romance, until something began to grow between them… As far as she was concerned, Susan didn’t need the hassle of a relationship in her life. She was perfectly content, although slightly adrift, focusing on the teaching job she adored. What better way to fill the nagging void she was feeling than by planting something in it? When an opportunity arises to create a garden space at her school, Susan jumps at the chance. Unfortunately, with no gardening experience, she quickly finds herself in over her head and calls in a professional. Jacob is better with plants than people. Social anxiety and a grumpy nature due to failed past relationships have caused him to prefer his solitude. Yet when he meets Susan, buds of attraction begin to bloom. Neither are looking for more than a professional, working relationship. They’re far too opposite for anything more. She’s sunshine and smiles. He’s clouds and brooding. Despite their differences, the passion between them grows. Will the pair have the courage to sow the seeds of romance?

Temporary debt. Permanent marriage. Leandros: I’d rather drive off a cliff than enter another train wreck marriage—but duty and my daughter demands it. The Ismailovs owe me a bride and I’m coming to collect. Valentina: Marrying into the Greek Mafia might be the biggest mistake of my life. Leandros is dark, broody, and dangerous. He is everything I shouldn’t want and everything I do… It’s wedding season, and you’re invited to attend. Join some of your favorite authors for seductive and spicy modern marriage-of-convenience reads. From mob bosses to billionaires, the Tendered Vows series will have you wondering if signing on the dotted line before love is for better or worse.

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