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I wasn’t expecting to see him ever again. It was a wild Vegas night and that’s all it was. But now he’s back. Lachlan Rogers. Professional quarterback. Really great guy. The one that got away. He wants to play for keeps this time, but I’m not ready to trust another man again. That won’t stop him from proving to me he’s the man I need.

At the reading of her late husband’s will, Ginny Rigby discovers two things. One: He had a secret family. Two: She has one hour to vacate the premises before that family takes possession of her beloved home. Grief-stricken and homeless, Ginny drives until she arrives at the foot of the emerald waters in Florida’s Gulf Coast. There, she stumbles into an auction—an historical lighthouse is up for grabs to the highest bidder. Using every last penny she has, Ginny buys the place and decides to transform the lighthouse into a beachside café. The only problem is, she’s never run a restaurant before. But even worse, how will she tell her grown daughters the shameful truth about their father? Reece Rigby has a secret—she’s failing medical school and is afraid to tell anyone. So when she discovers that her mother needs help starting up a café in an old lighthouse, she jumps at the chance, and hopes to keep Ginny from discovering her secret. Chandler Rigby’s successful career as a New York jewelry designer is finished. Her muse has dried up, and she feels lost. Maybe a trip to the beach will help Chandler reclaim her art. Together, these three women will search for purpose. They will discover heartache and love, inspiration, and healing. But will the secrets they’re keeping from one another destroy their bonds, or bring these women closer together?

Being the center of attention is the worst but being the center of his world feels pretty damn good. Cora Monroe has spent her life in the spotlight thanks to her family’s name and a tragedy that devastated her. She’s always hated the attention but never more so than when her last relationship blew up in her face—and in the media. All she wants is to lay low, but she’s at loose ends and not even her career brings her joy anymore. Until she catches a glimpse of the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen just as the elevator doors close. Nathan Talbot is a solid second-line hockey player who’s finally getting his shot as captain of the new expansion team. He’s determined to prove he’s up to the task of leading a team. That means keeping his attention on the ice and not on the owner’s beautiful and intriguing sister. Once they meet face-to-face, the spark between them is instantaneous and neither of them can—or wants to—resist. But all eyes are on Nate. A relationship with him would thrust Cora right back into the public eye, the last place she wants to be. And Nate can’t afford to blow his big chance. He’d just walk away if he was smart, but every time he sees her, being smart seems overrated. He just wants her. Can Cora ignore the media frenzy and grab onto happiness with both hands, or will she let the doors slide shut again and walk away alone?

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