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Though an innkeeper and his mail-order-bride constantly disagree about how to run a business together, attraction sparks the moment they meet in this sweet, opposites-attract historical romance! Edward Remington is on a mission to restore the Texas inn he’s inherited to its former glory — proving to his family that he can survive without their wealth. It’s not an easy task, with a trio of cowboy brothers attempting to jump a claim on the place, neighbors to the south disputing land boundaries, and no women in town to soften the edges of the brawling settlers. He submits an application to a mail-order bride agency, stressing his need for a lady with the social graces necessary to step into the role of an inn proprietress. Maybe the agency misunderstood his application, or maybe they never bothered reading it in the first place, because they ultimately send Lacey Cleveland his way — a heart-stopping beauty in a threadbare dress with a toddler in her arms and a whole new pack of trouble dogging her heels.

Don’t kiss a friend. No workplace romance. Never date a cowboy. And whatever you do, don’t fall for a guy in a uniform! Prim Midraven has been following her mother’s dating advice for years. You should be able to trust a professional matchmaker, right? Which doesn’t explain why Prim is still single and lonely. When her best friend, Deputy Shep Whitaker, organizes a volunteer K-9 search and rescue team at the poverty-stricken reservation where she works, she ignores her mother’s advice (for once) and signs up as his first volunteer. His only volunteer, as it turns out, which is why she can’t simply quit on him after her better judgment kicks in. Sure, he checks every box on the list of things she’s supposed to be avoiding in a relationship, but no biggie. They’re both adults, and they’re both professionals. What’s the worst that can happen while working with him on a strictly volunteer basis for a few weeks? Apparently, a few things she never considered — like getting caught in the crosshairs of a dangerous enemy together. Oh, and accidentally falling for her hunky friend in uniform. It’s way past the point where her mother would advise her to cut her losses and run. So why is her heart telling her to stick around and find out where their spark of attraction might lead?

He is my charming Green Beret and the best friend’s brother. I thought I’d sworn off all romance. But this irresistible Army Atlas might just break me. Keeping a relationship with him quiet is harder than I thought. And I don’t want others to know just yet. He tucks my loved one into bed so sweetly and the look in his eyes tells me he wants to put me to bed as well. His act of kindness further highlights how attractive he is, and everyone wants to ask for his assistance. The warmth of his body and soft touches really send me over the edge. I know I’m crazy about him. And I’m ready to throw his uniform to the wind if we agree to leave the past behind.

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