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I’ve been sleeping with my best friend’s billionaire dad. I waitress at a prestigious gentlemen’s club while pursuing my Broadway career. When I spill a cocktail on my shirt, a member gives me access to new uniforms in the storage closet. I notice his striking salt-and-pepper hair, broad shoulders… And incredibly handsome face. I glimpse his smoldering gaze as I unbutton my shirt. He turns away like a perfect gentleman, but I pull him closer. He brushes my cheek and says I make him want to do bad, bad things. His touch sends waves of intense pleasure and I purr for more. But then the shocking truth is revealed. He’s my best friend’s dad. We should stop, but instead, we sneak around. Every secret rendezvous pulls us deeper. I’m falling for him, hard. And now my heart is at stake… Because if our affair ever touches the light of day, I could lose my best friend forever.

Right time. Right place. Right woman. I was blowing off steam when a guys’ trip led to a hot fling. She was exactly what I needed for our ten days together. I said I’d never fall in love. I said I’d never get attached. We were never supposed to see each other again. We were never supposed to be anything more. But when she comes back into my life, I remind myself of one thing: Wrong place. Wrong time. Wrong man.

My best friend’s billionaire brother and my secret long-lost crush is now my new boss. At twenty-five, I never thought I’d find myself back in my hometown Mermaid Shores, working at the Siren and Sword bar and grill. My dreams of a career in art have stalled, and my paintbrush gathers dust. But my artistic slump isn’t my sole concern. Self-made billionaire Liam Moore has resurfaced, rekindling feelings long gone. We were once inseparable best friends, but anything more was off-limits. He shattered my heart when he left without looking back, and his absence at his own mother’s funeral felt like the final farewell. Now he’s back, sparking my need for more than friendship. His maturity is captivating, yet he’s guarded and secretive about why he’s returned. As we renovate the Siren and Sword, I wonder if this is our second chance to show our true emotions or if our secrets will keep us apart.

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