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I don’t date baseball players. It’s basically my only rule. With a father who played the game, I know more than I need to about baseball players. They’re usually players in more than one sense and after one mistake, they definitely aren’t for me. When my dad offers up Knox to me as his punishment, I wonder who he’s really punishing. But Knox is willing to do what I need him to if it means getting back in the good graces of his manager. Don’t fall for a baseball player. Yet, here I am not listening to myself. It’s a mistake. I know this going into it yet… I can’t stay away.

This Box Set includes forbidden, off-limits, sizzling romance, unexpected pregnancy, fake relationships and dominant alpha mafia bosses. It may evoke strong emotions such as heart racing, and intense physical sensations. However, the author promises that all discomfort will be resolved with (fully satisfying) happily-ever-afters.

My Ex’s Forbidden Mafia Brother: There is a line between brother’s that should never be crossed in a Mafia family. As the Best man for my brother’s wedding, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the wedding planner, Tasha. I felt a tumultuous mix of attraction and guilt, as Tasha also happens to be my brother’s ex-girlfriend. Our worlds collide filled with combustible tension from the start. She’s the best wedding planner in the city, and not just because of her exceptional talents; her allure is undeniable. Being near her causes a physical reaction that I can’t control, making me yearn to dominate her completely. Despite being a Goodfella and a Boss. With Tasha, I crave something more primal. I yearn to be just a man. Her allure awakens cravings I thought were buried since my wife’s death. Yet, my challenge intensifies as Tasha, my forbidden desire, is the daughter of my sworn enemy. The explosion of our feud shatters the fragile trust between us, leaving a jagged maze of broken promises and lies.

Is a love that burns too brightly at the start, destined to combust in the end? Olivia Wilson and Sergio Martinez fell hard and fast the day they met. But with twenty-year-old Olivia about to embark on a modeling career with Delcinia, a luxury lingerie brand and the older Sergio pressured to devote time to his family’s struggling international clothing company Martinez Designs, they aren’t given a chance. Until they reunite nine years later. When Olivia’s determination to become a driving force behind the Delcinia brand is threatened, Sergio emerges as the unlikely person who can salvage her plans, much to her dismay. Can these two keep it professional and join forces for the sake of the company or will the chemistry that continues to sizzle between them send them both up in flames?

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