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I unexpectedly find Riley; half my age, and injured on my mountain. I’m here to protect her but in my secluded cabin, sparks begin to fly. While on the mountain, I find Riley with a sprained ankle. But she refuses my help, so I carry her home to wrap her wound. As a sudden storm hits, the fire is crackling. Our bodies begin heating up. Combine her curves with my abs, it’s a combo that’s hard to resist. It’s thrilling and very sexy. She could stay here wrapped in my arms for days. All tangled up in the sheets, Riley tells me why she is hiding. Her ex is a corrupt lawyer and is coming to silence her. She’s trusting me not to expose her, before she exposes him. In the midst of our hot and intense romance, Riley’s ex is closing in. I must keep her alive to save this love that is way too enticing to resist.

What’s a girl to do when you need your bosshole and archenemy to keep you out of prison. I hate Michael Stone. Sure he’s handsome, charming, and has a billion-dollar smile, but he’s also arrogant, cocky, and he’s always right…just ask him. Lucky me he’s my new boss and my stepbrother’s best friend. But when my cheating ex-fiancé turns up dead and I’m the prime suspect, I need Michael Stone to get me off. Suddenly we are spending lots of nights alone working on my case and I am seeing more than a smug attorney. He’s smart, sophisticated, and knows the way to a woman’s heart. Things are heating up fast between us and that’s when I know I am in serious trouble. Not only is my life at stake, my heart is too.

Being Human in a Fae controlled world is hard… Riley Emmett wants nothing more than to enjoy the solitude and peace of her garden. Unfortunately, fate has another plan for her. Growing up as an orphan, family means everything to Riley, so when her brother James goes missing from the Fae city of Danann, she is determined to do everything in her power to find him. Even if that means swallowing her pride and living among the Fae she swore to have nothing to do with. As her search begins, something new and powerful awakens deep within Riley. With the help of new friends she never expected to find, and men she never expected to fall for, Riley works to tame the power within her, and find a way for the Fae and Humans to join together to heal ancient wounds. Scrambling for control and facing new threats at every turn, Riley soon learns that finding her brother isn’t all that’s at stake. Earth’s very existence may depend on her….

Stricken with a sudden onset of color blindness, a struggling florist starts to lose all hope. After winning a gigantic Powerball lottery, he travels to Paris, France for a life changing operation to try and regain his sight. At the Vision Institute he learns that the highly experimental procedure will reroute his optic nerve impulses directly through his heart for a period of one complete year.As Morgan Hunter starts to see the world through his heart instead of his eyes, he meets the woman of his dreams only to lose her when his normal eyesight returns. His hopes for a reunification with Aimee Blanchard are temporarily dashed when he finds her in the arms of another man.Is beauty in fact, only in the eyes of the beholder? This warm and romantic short story finds the answer to the age old question.

Winning a stay at Bluebonnet Ranch sounded like a dream. Until I realized it would bring me face-to-face with Luke Henderson, my high school crush. Now, he’s a single dad with a heart shielded by loss. Watching him with his son makes him even more irresistible. Falling for him again? It wasn’t part of the plan. But his young son, Sam, warms up to me, and my heart begins to entertain thoughts I never expected. As I immerse myself in capturing the ranch’s beauty, our worlds collide. The spark between us? Still alive, flickering with every stolen glance. But with every shared smile and subtle touch, the question lingers – is this just a fleeting walk down memory lane, or is it the beginning of something real? Just when I think I’ve got it all figured out, a twist of fate leaves me questioning everything.

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