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I’m the potential heir to a billionaire’s fortune. The only problem? My grandfather demands that the winner be married. I don’t believe in any of that romantic claptrap. But I admit that I need a wife and a baby to wrest control of the family company. That’s where pretty little Talia comes in. My brother Burn stole my fiancée and plans to ruin my shot at the fortune in question. But when a lovely young Talia slaps me, calls me Burn, and says she is pregnant… It takes me a second to work out that Burn has knocked her up. And then the pieces fall together perfectly. A plan to control the empire and spoil Burn’s engagement in one fell swoop. I offer Talia a devil’s deal. Play my doting wife. Pretend her baby is mine. Smile and fake it in front of the family, despite the fact that she seems to hate me. Rub her happiness about the sham marriage in Burn’s face. As a reward, Talia will have more money than she could ever even dream of. Diamonds will drip from her neck. Gold will adorn her wrists. Cold hard cash will keep her warm at night for the rest of her life. Her baby will have only the finest things and my last name as shelter. I won’t take no for an answer. All Talia has to do is say yes… till death do we part.

Veterinarian Sophie Jones sends her daughter Tabby off on the chance of a lifetime – a fully paid sports scholarship in Atlanta, Georgia. They’ve always been a team of two and as an empty nester, Sophie surprises everyone by taking up the offer of a job as the new vet in a Highland village hundreds of miles from the only place she’s ever known. The small town of Applemore has a big heart – from the coffeeshop where village gossip is shared over sweet treats from the local bakery, and the cute white-painted hotel that serves lunch overlooking the white sands and azure seas of Applemore Bay. Sophie throws herself into village life, making friends across the generations. There’s just one person who doesn’t seem too happy to have her living in the cottage by the shore… Divorced artist Ben Lewis is content, living alone in an old farmhouse overlooking the wild Highland beach – even if his grown up daughter teases him that he’s turned into a grouch. He spends his days collecting driftwood which he crafts into huge beautiful works of art, and he loves the peace that comes with his daily walks by the sea. But when a friend is in trouble, he finds himself caught up in village life – and maybe being part of the community isn’t so bad, especially when Sophie’s around…

I see them staring. Blame the scar that’s carved from my chest to face, or my reputation as a beast. Keeping to myself keeps others from knowing how I got this way. Then she moves in next door. My sexy neighbor revels in me watching her most intimate moments. The kicker? She wants to watch me. What’s the harm in staging sinful shows across our shared fence line? No words. No contact. Just how I want it. But weeks of teasing hit a boiling point when we collide at the store and find our chemistry’s even more sizzling in person. The first words Lyla says to me? An indecent proposal no man could refuse.

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