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Before Logan Barnes was hockey’s hottest bad boy, he was my brother’s best friend … and my first crush. Oh, yeah–and the guy who ghosted me and broke my teenage heart. Now Logan is back in Harvest Hollow, but not willingly. Recovering from an injury (and some bad press), he’s stuck playing for our minor league team. Which means I’ll be working with him almost daily. As the hockey team’s social media manager, it’s my job to wrangle all the guys into filming TikTok trending videos. But Logan doesn’t want to be wrangled. Turns out … neither does my heart. Because my old crush never died. And when Logan becomes my accidental fake boyfriend, those old feelings flare hot enough to melt the ice. But this is all totally one-sided. Totally fake. Isn’t it? No matter what signals he seems to be giving me or how real things start to feel, I know Logan’s not home for good. I survived Logan leaving me once. But this time, I’m not so sure my heart will recover …

Wildfire: She’s reckless and damaged. He’s the only decent thing in her life. A deadly arson attack. Who’ll be next?

Firelight: She has everything to lose. His past is tearing him to pieces. Together they make an explosive combination.

Snowfall: She’s a helpless romantic. He’s an enigmatic loner. Surviving the treacherous, mountain wilderness might be the least of their problems.

Cloudburst: She’s not who she seems. He doesn’t know who to trust. They’ll need each other to survive.

Silverstorm: She has a secret. He will always fight for what’s right. They’ll need to uncover the truth if they’re to stay alive. 

A forbidden flame kindled in the heart of battle. As the goblin horde descended upon our kingdom, I vowed to defend Concordia as a female Captain in the King’s Army. Rebellious Prince Landon abandoned the castle to fight with us, despite his father forbidding it. I didn’t resent his choice, but it came with a price—a bounty placed on him, but the king wasn’t the only one who wanted Landon. A connection formed between us when he shared his breath to save my life amidst the frenzy of combat. His dark hair, blue eyes, and sensual lips ignited my senses. Desire, fueled by the chaos of war and thrill of survival, threatened to consume me. Our war-torn world placed us in close quarters, just not close enough..

I agreed to be a fake fiancé with my ex’s estranged older brother. And now I’m pregnant with his baby. We started out with the most perfect arrangement. Owen Seawright needed a wife to inherit his family’s wealth and I needed money to start my own animal practice. It was supposed to be strictly business, quid pro quo. I wasn’t supposed to fall for him. He’s twice my age for crying out loud. But being forced to live together, he went from infuriating to infuriatingly hot. Catching him walking around in his towel, with glistening abs makes me think there’s something more to this grumpy Adonis, like when he smirks at me with those boyish dimples. Man, I wanted to wipe that sh!t eating grin right off his face. And don’t even get me started on his piercing gray-blue eyes. I just keep telling myself I will not sleep with him, I will not sleep with him, I will not sleep with him. Well, that mantra didn’t work. Now that one mistaken night together makes me wish we were a couple, because the way he holds me in his protective arms is anything but fake. And I’m not faking it anymore, especially now that his baby is on the way.

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