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Big. Curvy. Thick. Whatever term you use for not skinny, that’s what I’ve always been. Pole dancing helped me learn to appreciate my curvy body and even feel sexy. And while my self-esteem has improved over the years, my taste in men has always been stuck in the tall, dark, and toxic category. After breaking it off with my latest mistake, I’ll admit I went a little wild. But those random hookups got old real fast and that’s not how I want to live my life going forward. So I decided to take a self-imposed man break. When Simon Parker asked me on a date, I had no intention of accepting his offer. We worked together for almost a decade and I never thought of him as anything more than a good friend. But my pole ladies convinced me to give him a chance. So I said yes, never expecting my stomach to flutter when he picked me up. Or that his lips against mine would feel oh-so-right. But I’d be lying if I said the thought of diving into another relationship doesn’t freak me out a little. Or a lot. I’ve been doing well on my own. I don’t know if I’m ready to risk my hard-won confidence. Plus, Simon’s definitely not my usual type. But that’s probably a good thing, right?

A secret billionaire mountain man and a curvy girl with a secret, stuck together on the side of a mountain… I’m a volunteer for Wild Heart Mountain Search and Rescue, and when I find Chantelle injured on the side of the mountain, my world shifts. I should take her to the medical center, but instead I take her to my cabin. She’s mine, and I won’t give her up. But Chantelle’s hiding something, and I won’t let her leave until I know all her secrets… even if I won’t tell her mine.

How to convince a woman you just met that a marriage of convenience is the next best step… Wayne Whitaker (or Chief Lighthorse, as his tribe calls him) is constantly putting out fires on his poverty-stricken, crime-ridden reservation. Many of the old-timers on his council fear it’s because he’s too young, too inexperienced, and too single to run both the tribe and his family’s rodeo business. While assisting a lovely seamstress on the side of the road, it’s not love at first sight for Wayne. He’s too old for stuff like that. But it’s the beginning of something special that he’s convinced could turn into more. When he discovers the single mother and her son have fallen on hard times, he sees the perfect opportunity for them to help each other out. He’s as surprised as she is when she says yes to his impromptu marriage proposal. Does it mean she feels a spark of attraction in return? Or will his growing feelings for her end up being yet another fire he’ll have to put out?

When I took the job as a Nanny I didn’t know he was a Silver fox Mafia Billionaire… Betrayed and running from a shattered wedding, my best friend Sofia recommended me to her father, Alessio for the position. What I didn’t know was that this Silver fox Mafia boss was chiseled like a god… like candy melting on your tongue. We disagree on almost everything except how well he pushes all of my buttons if you get my meaning… So skilled like a maestro with a violin, plays me to his every desire. As bullets fly and secrets unravel, I take a hit meant for him and am left wounded. Alessio becomes my protector and during my recovery, our chemistry raises suspicions from his daughter Sofia. Getting caught with my best friend’s dad was equal to being hit by the bullet.

Half demon, half human. Hooves. Horns. The monster of Christmas. We’ve all heard the tales of Krampus. …Or have we? A night with friends telling innocent stories quickly turns into a nightmare. A magical forest, and enchanted gardens. An enemy you don’t see coming. To what lengths will Emmeline go to get her life back? Settle in for this retelling of an old story where folklore and steamy magic collide.

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