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What’s a girl to do when you need your bosshole and archenemy to keep you out of prison. I hate Michael Stone. Sure he’s handsome, charming, and has a billion-dollar smile, but he’s also arrogant, cocky, and he’s always right…just ask him. Lucky me he’s my new boss and my stepbrother’s best friend. But when my cheating ex-fiancé turns up dead and I’m the prime suspect, I need Michael Stone to get me off. Suddenly we are spending lots of nights alone working on my case and I am seeing more than a smug attorney. He’s smart, sophisticated, and knows the way to a woman’s heart. Things are heating up fast between us and that’s when I know I am in serious trouble. Not only is my life at stake, my heart is too.

As the first born Baxter sister, somehow Zorella Baxter still ends up coming in last. That is until she meets Grim Grishaw. An elite scholar focused on finishing out grad school, the last thing Zorella expects is Grim. The former NHL star turned college coach is everything she never knew she wanted. Smart, funny, sexy, and most importantly, he only has eyes for her. But Zorella is used to carrying her family burdens and now that she’s at the same university as both of her sisters, she’s more responsible for them than ever. It doesn’t leave time for love, especially when it turns out her little sister has her eye on the coach too. Grim Grishaw is a winner. He’ll do whatever it takes to win Zorella Baxter’s heart. A couple years out of retirement, Grim is finally finding his footing as the women’s ice hockey coach at East Atherston University. After a heartbreaking end last season, they’re destined to win the frozen four this season as long as he can keep his focus on the team. He shouldn’t be so obsessed with Zorella. She’s a student, he’s a coach, and there’s a twelve year age gap between him. Plus her little sister is his temperamental, media-grabbing, star player and the implications and relationships are too tricky. Especially if (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Shelby’s a fan girl on a mission to prove herself. Jameson’s a bad boy seeking redemption. Fake fling, or backstage pass to forever? Shelby: I’ve been offered the gig of a lifetime—being the tour manager for the long-awaited reunion of Soul Obsession. The woman in me is thrilled at getting to flex my organizational muscles on such a major production. My inner teenage fan girl is squealing at being up close and personal with her favorite boy band. I never imagined I’d end up fake-dating heartthrob Jameson Munroe. Nor did I expect our staged fling could blossom into something genuine. When a suspected stomach bug turns out to be a bun in the oven, my orderly life plan crosses into unchartered territory. Jameson: This reunion tour is a love-hate endeavor. The guys and I want to play the music and thank all our fans while not having trouble and scandal follow us around. I’m keeping things strictly professional—no backstage parties, no flirty fan interactions. My former reputation as a playboy is one hurdle that’s easily solved by pretending to be in a loving, committed relationship with the orderly and buttoned-up Shelby. Being near her grounds me in unexpected ways. When our passions get away from us, (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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