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He was my secret fantasy. A silver fox billionaire with a heart of stone. And my father’s worst enemy. He’s everything I should avoid but I can’t. I once stole a taste of the forbidden fruit and swore to high heaven it would be my last. But fate had other plans. We’re soon thrown together again at his hospital. And our ward rounds often end with me moaning against the wall. Until our mounting desire explodes in a shower of ecstasy unlike anything I’ve ever known. The more my father loathes him, the more I spread my legs for him. But lurking behind his rapidly thawing wall of ice, are clues to an ancient, terrible secret. Which explains why he and my father are enemies. And why I should not be craving his touch. But little do I know, those shocking clues will soon be saving my life.

One-night stands are about hitting it and quitting it… But I found out she’s my neighbor’s nanny, so we never got to the quitting part. In the dim light, a half-dressed surprise stands in a barely clinging towel. Her curves stir up a sultry sense of déjà vu, like a playful whisper from a weekend of heated adventures. When she breathes my name, recognition ignites like wildfire. Cherri set my night ablaze and made my morning unforgettable. Maybe she’s back for more. I didn’t invite her, so I’m low-key freaking out. But being an ex-SEAL, I’ve got the skills to tackle anything life throws at me. My inner alpha itches to tackle those tempting curves again. So, I do…Once…Twice…Too many times to count. Now, she’s getting under my skin, Putting my heart to the test. I can either embrace the fire or extinguish the flames.

What starts as a fake date turns into a fake wedding in the debut romantic comedy by Emmy Love that brings humor and heart. Hi, I’m Sally, but you can call me Sal. Single Sal. As an insecure, struggling actress about to hit the big 3-0, I find myself in a giant pickle: love or paying the rent. But then walks in Mr. Smirky Smirk, Sean Maxwell, a charismatic and wealthy businessman with his own agenda. He approaches me with an intriguing proposition—to act as his fiancée for a single night. And as if that wasn’t enough, he sweetens the deal with a generous sum of money. How can a girl on the verge of a mental breakdown resist, right? Back up the bus. There’s always a catch. To win his elite parents’ approval during a disastrous dinner, I must convincingly play the role of a doctor! Seriously?! Now, I’ve mastered the art of faking it in my acting career (that’s debatable), but there are just some things I can’t fake. Against my better judgment, I find myself growing increasingly attracted to Sean. Could this growing connection sabotage the biggest role of my life?

CEO life was a breeze until I hired my one-night stand. Then she strolled in with a mini-me surprise… Cue the office drama. In my fashion industry lecture, a sultry presence claims a seat, casting an irresistible spell. My gaze peels away her layers, revealing a secret craving. She wants me. I’m no stranger to seizing what I desire. She’s mine for the taking. As an ex-SEAL turned fashion mogul, I don’t waste time with niceties. I play my cards without hesitation, and she willingly yields to my compelling dominance. Fast forward to my corner office, and there sits my captivating escapee. Skylar. One night, she stole my heart… The next morning, she shattered it. Now, she’s my employee, and lust electrifies the air. Desire intensifies, reaching a fever pitch. Until my five-year-old self gazes up at me, hand-in-hand with my office temptress. I can lawyer up, follow my heart’s compass, or roll the dice and risk losing everything I thought I never wanted.

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